Duck Feeding

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I love animals and there is no doubt about that. I love birds, dinosaurs, dragons, butterflies, dogs, cats, chickens… you name it all rest assured they all have a place in my heart.

Here’s a picture of me feeding a lot of ducks, taken at my mommy’s friend’s apartment over the weekend when we visited Fort Worth. I enjoyed feeding ducks with my sister and our friends. A whole entire loaf of sliced bread was gone just so they can eat.

It was so nice to be able to touch those animals at the same time feeding their hungry stomach and take note, we did not even have to go anywhere else to find them, they came to us just outside their apartment’s door. Looking forward to doing it again next time.



Always Buckle Up

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

There is only one rule implemented for our children as soon as they get seated in their car seat, ” always buckle up”. I put that in their mind since they started using booster car seats. For us, safety is of utmost importance wherever we may go. I don’t want to take the risk driving without me or my kids’ wearing seat belts for we never know when accidents could occur, God forbid. I say that every time and they happily oblige, thankfully.

No matter how careful we are when it comes to driving but there are other drivers out there that don’t pay much attention when they are behind the wheels, have low regards for other people’s lives. So we must take precaution at all times especially when we have children in the car with us.

Buckling up is such a simple thing to do even 3 years old kids can do it with just one click but I know a family whose children don’t bother fastening their seat belts no matter how hard the mother yells at them. Maybe it has something to do with the belts too rough or choking them?

In our car, it is different and my children don’t see buckling up is a problem. It is because, ours is a comfortable family car, belts that glides on smooth and easy. Smooth driving, comfortable seats and spacious leg room and trunk.

If you are looking to buy a new or used car, do visit, tons to choose from different manufacturers. Great car site to purchase your first family car. One of the newest cars available on is this 2018 Acura MDX with combined MPG 21-23. Check it out for more info.


And here is our family car, spacious, smooth driving. Extra storage on the roof was bought separately.

Extra space for the out towners.

A Good Book to Read

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I am into reading as I get older. I love fantasy, ghost/horror books. I have been reading this dragon books by Thui Sutherland books borrowed from our school library and each book I finished, I crave to read some more. I am hoping book 6 will be available when I return the current book I am reading. Meanwhile, I sidelined reading this ghost book I got from our other house last weekend. I have read it once and found myself reading it again.

The reason for this would be because mommy influenced me to watch horror movies at home, so that’s basically what influenced me to re-read this book.


Fabulous Wigs for Black Women

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Keeping our hair all tidy and neat makes a great impression to people who we met the first time. They say, first impressions last. With that, we should always keep ourselves looking presentable when we go out for business meetings, job interviews or just going out for a date.

I, myself, believe that first impressions last. Why I say that? Because, it has proven many times in the past that those who take the time grooming themselves especially the hair are most likely have their life in order, I found that to be true later. When I see random people wherever I go and if I like the way they carry their clothes or wear their hair, I make sure they hear my compliments so they will be encouraged to keep doing what they are doing.

Same goes with black women, I have a few friends that can totally rock their wigs for black women no matter what style, color or length the wigs are. And tell you what? They look fabulous in those wigs!

I checked some of the wigs on blackhairspray website or link above, I found this embedded below to be pretty. It is a Zury Sis Royal Swiss Synthetic Lace Front Wig – Nari with three other colors available jet black, deep purple and sombre 27.613 for under $20. Check it out ladies!


Painted Rock Art

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Here’s a rock art that I painted in school. Mommy and daddy are amazed at how I painted this rock beautifully. I love birds so I chose a bird on it. My music teacher took a picture of my artwork privately. Most of my classmates just did flowers and other designs and I chose this.

After the paint has dried, they then glazed it as a coating to preserve the paint. Now it is sitting nicely on our kitchen island where everybody can see it when they are in the kitchen.


My Old Pet Fish

My pet fish has lived with us for over a year now. He is still a beautiful fishy. My poor fish has also developed a white blister on his back. I don’t think he has long to live. I would say he could survive one more year. I hope he lives way longer than just one year.

My October Painting

I painted my watercolor pumpkin on October the 26th. I think I did really well on it. I put the grass first, then the pumpkin. Next, I put the sun and then the wind with the leaves. Then I painted it. It now looks way better with watercolor paint on it.

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My Imaginary Cellphone

Mommy made it clear to me that I am not allowed to be on Facebook at my age or sooner. She also does not have a plan of getting me a cellphone just like some kids in school. I don’t take it bad because I know what she is doing is for my own good.

Although I really want to have my own cellphone so I can chat and talk to Auntie Alex in the Philippines and be in contact with my friends in Fort Worth, there is nothing I can do about mommy’s decision. Anyhow, here is what I made one night and I pretended it was a real thing and played a pretend video game on it.

It garnered quite a lot of praises when mommy posted this on Facebook. They say, it is detailed and very nice drawing. Even mommy keep saying that it is really cute.


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Ferberization: Helping Your Infant Sleep Better

Some infants are born natural heavy sleepers while others are born light sleepers with a tendency to be irritable when tired. And for some light sleeper babies, their restless sleep patterns may extend from newborn age to toddler age, which can be quite tasking on parents who would lose hours of sleep to ensure their baby is well rested.

Dr Richard Ferber invented and propagated “Ferberization” as a means of helping parents avoid sleep deprivation issues by teaching their babies how to soothe themselves to sleep after a crying bout. Take note that most parents are wary of the Ferber Method, probably because they have to consciously ignore the natural parental instinct to cuddle their babies when they are being irritable and just allow their babies cry for a period of time before going to soothe them.  

Restless nights are exhausting for both parents and the infant, and that’s why Ferberization is such a hit with experienced parents. Even pediatricians recommend this training for light sleeper babies who constantly require external comfort to sleep.

A lot of fuss and tantrums are to be expected seeing as babies are not born with the ability to adjust automatically to situations. Do not be perturbed by the crying sessions but ensure your baby’s cries are not due to any danger by keeping the environment safe and checking for danger signs during each visit. It will take some time, practice and would require loss of sleep time but perseverance does pay as your infant would get used to the routine and fall asleep better and for longer periods of time.

For details of Ferberization, check out the infographic below from


Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas for People With Pets

We all know an individual who is perfectly inseparable from their pet. Regardless of where they go their faithful animal is likely in the car with them. They spend numerous hours tending to their needs and playing with them in their homes.

These individuals can be hard to shop for. You may find yourself wanting to pull out your own hair and scream “How can I find the perfect gift for them without breaking the bank”. Fret no more! Thankfully this helpful guide will give you some excellent advice for finding the perfect gift for them.

Follow these tips and tricks the next time you go shopping for great savings and reduced stress.

Greenies are a great gift for anyone who owns a dog with bad breath.

If you are shopping for a gift for someone who owns a dog you may consider getting them a couple of bags of greenies to improve their breath. Greenies are an all natural dog food additive that reduce the foul bacteria in a dogs mouth and stomach and make their breath smell less foul.

They are usually around five dollars a bag and can be purchased at your nearest Petco.

Consider this excellent gift idea the next time you go shopping for the dog owner on your list.

A gift certificate to the groomers is a great gift for a pet owner

If the pet owner you are shopping for is the owner of a particularly hirsute animal you may consider getting them a certificate for a grooming. The groomer will pamper the pet by bathing it, trimming its nails, and then giving it a haircut.

Pets don’t always love to be groomed so if their animal is less than comfortable around people this may not be the greatest idea for that pet. If the pet is social it is a fantastic idea. Both the pet and their owner will be ecstatic to have a nice clean animal running around the house.

Consider this idea the next time you go shopping for the pet owner in your family. They are sure to think it is a fantastic and thoughtful gift.