Halloween ~~Trick or Treat~~ Night, So Scary!

These are some of the photos my mommy captured during our Trick or Treat last Thursday. I enjoyed trick or treating, alright? But I was also scared of some of the houses and the decorations. They looked real, or some are real if I should say. Some people were dressed up that made me scared. Others have big ghost/witch figures in their front yard. Some looked creepy, so dark with all the artificial smoke all over that looked like a cemetery. Mommy laughed at me, she was so bad while I was shivering because I was really scared.

Some snaps below of me so scared, you can tell by the look on my face for proof!

 photo hw5_zps5115315c.jpg
… photo above and below was the first house we visited on our street, it’s mommy’s friend’s in-law’s house. They had a lot of Halloween decorations, some moving ghosts and noise makers that were scary. The family with us in the picture is my mommy’s friend tita Jazzmine and her family…

 photo hw4_zpse671501b.jpg
… you can tell I am shivering in this shot above…
 photo hw3_zpsdd6ea523.jpg
… I was very scared of them, they got so close to me and were moving!
 photo hw2_zpsa80b846c.jpg
… I am not really happy in this photo above. By their entrance, it was already very scary and then mommy made me pose near this scary inflatable behind me…

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