Me and My Sister Both Bundled Up

So this is it! The temperature has gone down and we are feeling the chills everyday. All we can do is embrace the cold temperature by wearing two layers of clothes. Photo below is of me and my little sister in front of my school one Wednesday morning.

We were both bundled up for us to be comfortable walking to get to the entrance of the school. Mommy, for some reason always parks far from the entrance. If we don’t wear proper outfit for the cold temperatures, we will be frozen by the time we get to the school entrance.

My red coat with matching hat is my favorite. Mommy says, I look like Princess Sarah (a Philippine movie in the past) that wore similar coat during her height of popularity back then. My teacher noticed my beautiful coat too and she told mommy about it. Ahh thanks to my mommy who knows how to dress me up well.

 photo 1420411_10152398023599517_1152639401_n1_zps3bb6a02a.jpg

One thought on “Me and My Sister Both Bundled Up

  1. Halaaa ka mga cuteeee bah! Nice jud coat Jadyn! Mura bitaw princess Sarah! heheh! Dai mura mani sila nagkabali ug nawng diri oy, si Jadyn mura si Megan nya si Megan mura Jadyn! lol

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