Painted Rock Art

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Here’s a rock art that I painted in school. Mommy and daddy are amazed at how I painted this rock beautifully. I love birds so I chose a bird on it. My music teacher took a picture of my artwork privately. Most of my classmates just did flowers and other designs and I chose this.

After the paint has dried, they then glazed it as a coating to preserve the paint. Now it is sitting nicely on our kitchen island where everybody can see it when they are in the kitchen.


My October Painting

I painted my watercolor pumpkin on October the 26th. I think I did really well on it. I put the grass first, then the pumpkin. Next, I put the sun and then the wind with the leaves. Then I painted it. It now looks way better with watercolor paint on it.

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My Imaginary Cellphone

Mommy made it clear to me that I am not allowed to be on Facebook at my age or sooner. She also does not have a plan of getting me a cellphone just like some kids in school. I don’t take it bad because I know what she is doing is for my own good.

Although I really want to have my own cellphone so I can chat and talk to Auntie Alex in the Philippines and be in contact with my friends in Fort Worth, there is nothing I can do about mommy’s decision. Anyhow, here is what I made one night and I pretended it was a real thing and played a pretend video game on it.

It garnered quite a lot of praises when mommy posted this on Facebook. They say, it is detailed and very nice drawing. Even mommy keep saying that it is really cute.


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My Sketch on My Tablet

I have this awesome application on tablet that allows me to do art and sketching. Mommy and dada believes I am a good visual artist, to me nahhh it’s just okay but mommy finds my artwork unbelievable. Even my art teacher said that I am way advance beyond my years and that I am a very quiet girl and when she looked at my drawing, it amazed her.

Here is one of the many things I do on my tablet. Mommy found it to be so beautiful that she had to take a picture on it and share to her friends on Facebook. I just draw/sketch whatever comes to my mind. No one can dictate me what I should draw, if I don’t feel like it.. I don’t do it. However, if I am in the mood to draw something, guess what? Something would come out beautiful if I do.

 photo jadyns truck_zpsgmvt57ph.jpg

My Bluegreen Snake Clay Art

Here is one the things we did in school, my bluegreen snake pot made with clay. I molded the body with my own hands to form the pot, this becomes the body of a snake. I chose a snake to show how much I adore reptiles, snakes specifically. I just think they are adorable.

Once the snake pot is done, the school heated it a little bit and I colored it with paint. Once done, they heated it some more. Since I chose to have a snake pot, I curled up the clay and kind of flatten it to make the base but then when it was done, it leaks. It does not hold the water. Have I know that, I would have sealed it real good for it hold some water.

I brought it home a day before our school has ended. Mommy and dada thought it was very pretty that I made a good job creating it. Mommy loves it very much. I am a bit disappointed for its leak but mommy encouraged me to just put my little valuables on it because it will still look nice like my purple mineral rock. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

 photo clay art_zpsyp99lr8d.jpg

Beautiful Nails and Hands

Look what I did to my nails! Aren’t they beautiful? Mommy find my nails gorgeous, these are just fake plastic nails that’s been sitting in my drawer for so long. I was bored last weekend and thought it would be nice to try on these nails. They are pink in color, not my kind of color but it sure was fun putting them on. Don’t worry, people, these are fake nails I glued on to my real nails.

I found them awkward to wear so after just an hour I took them off pretty easy and fast. In fairness, mommy could not stop admiring my nails and my hands after taking photos of them. She thought I have long candle-like fingers that look like that of rich people that don’t have callouses in their hands. I hope mine will stay like that when I grow up and doing some hard labor using my hands.

 photo fakenails_zpsa29gtglf.jpg

Finger Painting

Mommy and dada have known in the past that I love visual art. I started with scribble scrabble when I was a toddler as I grew older my drawing progressed because I have parents that encourage me to draw more and be creative. They bought me pencils, colored pencils and a set of paint for art.

I do art when I am bored or when mommy don’t allow me to be on the tv. In short, painting is done when I’m bored. Pictured below is my latest painting using just my finger tips. Mommy found my art cute and attractive that is why she is taking a photo of these two for keeps. She especially like the “rainbow tree” as I call it. The trunk is her favorite because I make it look like it’s natural and detailed. Something she does not know how to do it.

 photo jadynsart_zpskonr5ztn.jpg

My Art in a Mug and Water Bottle

I love drawing dinosaurs so much. So when in school, you will find me drawing different types of dinosaurs whenever are tasked to draw. I am glad that in school we are given a chance to put our favorite drawings into things we use everyday.

If you look at the picture below, you would see my dino in my mug and water bottle as a design. My mom and dad thought it was beautiful so they ordered these two things for me. It is so nice to see my artwork, I am carrying them everyday too.

Mommy was most amazed with my creation for she does not know how to draw.

 photo art_zpsxulzcesl.jpg

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Note to Mommy for Mother’s Day

Things that my mommy does for me and my sister may not be appreciated sometimes but on Mother’s Day, I made sure I let her know that I am thankful for everything she does for us because I know she loves me and my sister so much despite the fact that she nags at me a lot.

I think I made her proud and happy when I handed this note I made in school one afternoon in celebration for Mother’s Day. This is not fancy but I wrote the best I could and tried to think hard the best things possible she does everyday.

This note is now hanging in our living room light which she can see everyday and read it to remind her that as her daughter, I am lucky to have her for she truly cares for us and thinks only for our own good.

 photo note_zpseqce9kdo.jpg

Tropical Island Theme Drawing and Play-doh Dino

Mommy and dada think my drawing is a cool tropical dino island. I drew it one night because I was getting tired playing on my tablet. Mommy is so impressed of my drawing and the dino itself. According to her, it looks perfect and she is amazed how I could do these things and she couldn’t. She doesn’t draw at all.

I just thought of this one night getting an idea on one of my books that has green leaves theme on the cover, so here’s what I came with… Pretty, isn’t it?

 photo dino1_zpspk1b6ycr.jpg
 photo dino_zpsukwjiq5p.jpg