Ferberization: Helping Your Infant Sleep Better

Some infants are born natural heavy sleepers while others are born light sleepers with a tendency to be irritable when tired. And for some light sleeper babies, their restless sleep patterns may extend from newborn age to toddler age, which can be quite tasking on parents who would lose hours of sleep to ensure their baby is well rested.

Dr Richard Ferber invented and propagated “Ferberization” as a means of helping parents avoid sleep deprivation issues by teaching their babies how to soothe themselves to sleep after a crying bout. Take note that most parents are wary of the Ferber Method, probably because they have to consciously ignore the natural parental instinct to cuddle their babies when they are being irritable and just allow their babies cry for a period of time before going to soothe them.  

Restless nights are exhausting for both parents and the infant, and that’s why Ferberization is such a hit with experienced parents. Even pediatricians recommend this training for light sleeper babies who constantly require external comfort to sleep.

A lot of fuss and tantrums are to be expected seeing as babies are not born with the ability to adjust automatically to situations. Do not be perturbed by the crying sessions but ensure your baby’s cries are not due to any danger by keeping the environment safe and checking for danger signs during each visit. It will take some time, practice and would require loss of sleep time but perseverance does pay as your infant would get used to the routine and fall asleep better and for longer periods of time.

For details of Ferberization, check out the infographic below from www.babyinastroller.com.


What’s in my Lunchbox?

It is mommy who wakes up early every school days just so I can go to school. She makes me warm milk in the morning and prepare my food for lunch at school to ensure I don’t get starved at midday. She helps me read and do my homework. She prepares my stuff ready for school every morning too.

 These are just examples of what she packs for me for lunch.

A pack of fruit juice, a small serving of fruit, cold water, a turkey sandwich with pickles and cheese but I don’t like eating the sandwich because it is too bulky and everything slides off the bread when I try to eat it. She packs me different lunches everyday of course so I don’t get tired of eating the same things everyday.

I could eat all of what’s in my lunch box sometimes depending if I like what she puts in there. My favorite is pork chop, it just tastes so yummy. Well, I like it better than chicken and mommy knows that. My favorite vegetable is okra. I could eat it if she puts some in my lunchbox too.

I will be forever thankful to mommy for doing these things to me because that only show that she loves and cares for me.

 photo 1290015_10152182203329517_577427941_n_zps0fd2c6e6.jpg

Mommy and Daddy’s Princesses

 photo 4b40178e-477c-43c3-9e76-90f8101e9bf9_zps4c57a59a.jpg

Mommy and daddy both agreed that we look cute in this picture. It was mommy who captured this photo of us wearing our crowns and pretending to be real Princesses. Well, we are not just pretending, we are truly mommy and daddy’s Princesses in real life.

I love that I got my sister Megan to play with. I don’t feel so bored at home now that she is big enough to play with me. Although we fight sometimes and we have misunderstandings, I still love my sister. She is so cute and beautiful like me! Being a big sister to her, I am now sharing some of my toys to my sister so she can play and have fun also but there are some things I can’t lend her like my personal pillow pet, dream light and Scout. She got those things too so there is no need to for her to borrow mine.

Me And The Little Babies

Of mommy’s close friends’ babies, I am considered to be the eldest of them all. Before it was just me then came Abigail, daughter of tita Annie then 3 years later my little sister was born named Megan. Three months after sissy, a baby girl named Allison was born, she is tita Rose’s daughter.

We first met her last May 18,2012 at Northeast Mall. I wanted to see Abigail but she couldn’t be there so I had to deal with these two little babies here shown in the picture. Mommy asked me if I like Allison, I said no because she keeps bothering me just like baby Megan. Little babies bother me, hmppp!

Blue Bonnets And Me

I love it when mommy take me out to walk in the neighborhood for I get to ride my trike and enjoy the outdoor as well as get some exercise for my legs. I love seeing colorful flowers as well, watching birds, cats on the loose and squirrels.


My 4 Years Wellness Checkup

OH yeah I had a long day today. Thanks to mommy and daddy for bringing me to the doctor’s office. I wasn’t able to play longer because we were called too soon. Inside the small room, the doctor was so friendly to me while he did the wellness check up to me. I was smiling and happy all along, little did I know that I would be poked right after the doctor was out of that room. Ouch, I received four injections on my thighs today. Two each thigh! But I was  a brave girl, I only cried for ten seconds and that was it.

….me wearing a doctor’s princess gown…

stickers after being poked with needles

Pizza Picnic At Our Frontyard

1 Thought

Mommy, baby Megan and I had a great time having a pizza picnic at our front yard today. It was so beautiful outside and mommy thought of having dinner out to take advantage of the cooler temperature. So yummy is the pizza. I love the pepperoni the most and mommy’s fruit smoothie. Thanks to her for being nice to me and for giving me yummy pizza.

Things I love Doing These Days

……… messing up my bedroom so mommy has got something to do…

……. sleeping in my Princess bed occasionally that puts a smile on mommy’s face

…. pooping in my panties and pants

…. drawing or doodling…

…..stealing some food in the freezer and in the cabinets

Little Performer Me

These are the latest videos of me that mommy took. They are videos of me performing live before my mommy and daddy in our study room. This is my first time to show them that I love to sing too although my words aren’t clear that yet. Watch and enjoy. This is not to please other people but to mom and dad, I’m their little star.