Birthday Photos 2 – iJump

First time to visit iJump and we both like it. Dada said that we are going back again to iJump on my sister’s birthday comes July. Looking forward to that because it is really a fun place to be and celebrate birthdays!




Duck Feeding

I love animals and there is no doubt about that. I love birds, dinosaurs, dragons, butterflies, dogs, cats, chickens… you name it all rest assured they all have a place in my heart.

Here’s a picture of me feeding a lot of ducks, taken at my mommy’s friend’s apartment over the weekend when we visited Fort Worth. I enjoyed feeding ducks with my sister and our friends. A whole entire loaf of sliced bread was gone just so they can eat.

It was so nice to be able to touch those animals at the same time feeding their hungry stomach and take note, we did not even have to go anywhere else to find them, they came to us just outside their apartment’s door. Looking forward to doing it again next time.



My Old Pet Fish

My pet fish has lived with us for over a year now. He is still a beautiful fishy. My poor fish has also developed a white blister on his back. I don’t think he has long to live. I would say he could survive one more year. I hope he lives way longer than just one year.

My 8th Birthday

Today, I officially turns 8 years old. And today, is the day I bid goodbye to cakes. I told mommy, I don’t want cakes on my birthdays anymore. I just want toys and chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I got a 20-inch bike and a pink shotgun toy from mommy and dada. Mommy have not baked me chocolate cookies though, she owe me a dozen and I am waiting for it.

Dada bought my bike at Walmart days before my birthday while I was at school one afternoon. He assembled it and just gave it to me on my natal day all ready to go.

 photo 10314540_10154507630274517_2564279287676157459_n_zpscqccsewg.jpg

We did not do much fun today. I asked dada if we could go to Legoland but he hated that idea. Aside from the expensive entrance, that place is so noisy and a torture for him. Not to mention, it’s an hour long drive from home. So we canceled that instead he brought us to Cabela’s. It’s an outdoor outfitter store that’s huge and tons of stuff to look at and roam around. What is nice about this place is that they got animals displayed in some corners of their store that we can only see in African Savannah. That is where I also got my pink shotgun toy that I chose myself shown below.

 photo 12509153_10154507630774517_8448441200814966050_n_zpsnbulnnwx.jpg

We spent a good 3-4 hours at Cabela’s and for me it wasn’t enough fun. I hope dada will bring us to another place next weekend and enjoy some more. We went to a shooting game area of the store, I had fun and mommy and dada thought I shot well.

…some serious shooting going on here… so focused and yes, it was a serious business to hit the target.
 photo P1162393_zpsuyzkwt1o.jpg

Moment with My Dada

I am one lucky kid for having both parents while I grow up, building fond memories with them, getting nagged at by mommy and most of all, a dada who helps me with my reading and assignment every night. Here’s one of those nights that captured by mommy. He was helping me with spelling this moment was captured.

Mommy thought it was so sweet of dada for helping me so she took a picture of us. I treasure our family, I pray we will be tight knit together forever. Because of them, I have a beautiful home to come home to every afternoon after school and a solid foundation to help me live a fulfilling life.

 photo dada_zpsl1qsu6sw.jpg

7 and Riding a Bike with No Training Wheels

Spring-like weather has started and it is perfect to enjoy the outdoors. I bugged mommy to go out and have a walk while I ride my bike. I couldn’t wait for the nice temperature to come so I could ride my bike outside. I have been practicing a lot riding my bike without the training wheels. Mommy has got me on video during those times when I was still new to big girl’s bike (no training wheels).

I fell down many times, I scraped my knees, hurt my hands but I just kept doing it. I was determined perfecting my ride because it was so fun and finally, I gained confidence, balance it naturally and wew, there I went… it was my first time to test my skills outside of the driveway.

Dada taught me just a little bit but it was me who did most of the training.

Thanks to my mommy for taking this picture. It is one of the biggest milestones a girl of my age have achieved.

 photo bike_zpsggyehtmh.jpg

Picture with Santa 2014

Here is a picture of me and my sister with Santa, taken last Sunday, December 7,2014 right after church. We attended the holy mass first at a Catholic church we go to in Alta Mesa Blvd. Mommy brought us there for you know, spiritual food and to have our picture taken with Santa for free.

Looks like this is going to be the only picture of us with Santa this year. Mommy has no more plan of bringing us to the mall for another Santa photo since we already got this. Besides, it is free and it saves us money. At the mall, it is quite pricey which mommy is not willing to pay right now. We are poor, we don’t have a budget for it. She just feels lucky we’ve already posed with Santa this year for remembrance.

 photo santa_zps0a769136.jpg

Our Very Own Cute Little Christmas Tree

Mommy explained to me while we were working on our cute little Christmas tree last weekend that the first tree we have was 3 feet and that she is giving this to us now that we have our 6 feet Christmas tree that we have been using for three years now.

She said, that the small tree became too small for us, as our family grows big, she upgraded to a much bigger and taller tree representing of the growth of our family. My baby sister and I got so happy the moment we  own a tree.

She just let us decorate this tree for the first time in our life, she did not bother or complained how we decorate the tree. Thanks to mommy, she gave us something to do last weekend and I loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I even helped her putting up ornaments for our big tree. The following day, I even asked her if we could decorate some more for I really enjoyed doing it.

Our first cute little Christmas tree we own sits by the t.v door next to the window, mommy opens up the curtains at night and light the tree so that people can see our tree from the outside. She also put up some Christmas-colored curtains to make our t.v room a little attractive and cozy.

… this is me and my baby sister hard at work. Making sure ornaments are hooked nicely to the branches of the tree to avoid falling and breaking them…
 photo smalltree1_zpse67eb3af.jpg
…. the outcome of our hard work, I believe mommy have done a pretty job making our humble home look beautiful inside…
 photo smalltree_zps6d32b0e9.jpg

Disney’s Store Summer Activities

Disney Store at Hulen Mall is now one of our favorite shopping store destination because of the summer activities they offer to their kids’ customers. Although mommy don’t normally buy from their yet she brings us there whenever we go to the mall per our request. There are so many stuff to look around and we get to play them for a while without store’s associates telling us what not to do in their store.

Month of August 2014, we were lucky to have visited Disney twice and we’re able to participate their activities. We got to draw Nemo and also heard a Princess’ story time with other kids, we received cool prices afterwards, a lanyard with medals in them very much the same of that boy in “UP” movie.

Thanks to mommy for finding ways for us to enjoy and have fun at the same time. Disney is definitely a place to be for kids like us!

 photo disney_zpsd51966b5.jpg

Me and My Friend, Albert

I have this friend named Albert Quiroz whom I have not seen for almost two years. We were classmates in Pre-K at St. Christopher. We were closed friends back then and he was my favorite of all. We really got along well, we played and shared the special friendship between us. He is of Filipino descendants and I am half-Filipina.

Anyway, I missed him so much and hoping that I could see him one day. We live just a few blocks away, or literally, we share the same neighborhood yet, we don’t see each other except on August 6,2014 when mommy and her mommy’s common friend invited us over for a quick afternoon pool party at Albert’s home association pool.

It was so cool and I got so excited knowing that I could see my friend when mommy told me about the swimming. At long last, we met again… he was kind of shy, I wasn’t. I wanted to talk to him a lot but he was kind of aloof although he was friendly to me. Albert said that he remembers my name but forgot my face. Well, I can’t blame him. It has been a long time since we parted ways…

Photos of us below captured by mommy on that hot August afternoon. The right photo below, mommy thinks we look good together and that excitement and happiness showed on our face, you think we look cute? hehehe

 photo albert_zps81a9877e.jpg