A Good Book to Read

I am into reading as I get older. I love fantasy, ghost/horror books. I have been reading this dragon books by Thui Sutherland books borrowed from our school library and each book I finished, I crave to read some more. I am hoping book 6 will be available when I return the current book I am reading. Meanwhile, I sidelined reading this ghost book I got from our other house last weekend. I have read it once and found myself reading it again.

The reason for this would be because mommy influenced me to watch horror movies at home, so that’s basically what influenced me to re-read this book.


Moment with My Dada

I am one lucky kid for having both parents while I grow up, building fond memories with them, getting nagged at by mommy and most of all, a dada who helps me with my reading and assignment every night. Here’s one of those nights that captured by mommy. He was helping me with spelling this moment was captured.

Mommy thought it was so sweet of dada for helping me so she took a picture of us. I treasure our family, I pray we will be tight knit together forever. Because of them, I have a beautiful home to come home to every afternoon after school and a solid foundation to help me live a fulfilling life.

 photo dada_zpsl1qsu6sw.jpg

Bedtime Story with Dada

For me the best way to end the night is have our family watch a good movie together and if mommy or dada is not so tired after the movie, they take time to red me my bedtime story. Whoever is available or feel like reading me a story, he or she’d do it.

Photo below took by mommy when dada performed his duty as a parent. It’s one of those many nights when we lie down together in my bed and listen to him ready me a beautiful story. What I love about it is that, I get to choose what book I want and a story that is interesting to listen to. I am thankful to dada and mommy, I couldn’t ask for a better set of parents than them.

 photo 961897_10151977595384517_1167657557_n_zps042a42eb.jpg

My Favorite Family Time


I love it when it is time to go to bed because I get to hear a bed time story read by either mommy or daddy, well, it is mommy most of the time because daddy go to work everyday while mommy stays home. One of my favorite books is called “The Busy Little Boats” it is all about the seven pirates who dug a treasure in the island and not sharing the loot with the other groups of pirates.

Bed time stories for me is one of the best things that we do as a family. It doesn’t cost money but it solidifies my family’s great bonding together and that is every night.

How about you guys? What you and your family love to do? Do you also love bed time stories just like me?

A Package From Uncle Mike

So you think small girls like don’t receive packages? You’re wrong. You’re very wrong! Even though I am small but I can receive packages too, my own package shall I say. A couple of days ago I received five books in the mail from Uncle Mike. How nice it is to be remembered by him.

Ah, he is one of my favorite persons in this world it’s because he loves me, he treats me right and he gives me books. He knows that I love story-telling so here goes another four books from him. I am lucky. Now I got new books for mommy to read to me at bed time.

…. excited opening it…