Presents I Received in Christmas 2017

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I am so happy I received quite a lot and major presents this year. I got a new laptop, 2 sets of my favorite book Wings of Fire with book light and necklace, Dinosaur maskimal, slimy gloop, a new coat and other stuff. Now I have a computer that I can use for school work, online educational activities and digital painting.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I always look forward to it because it gives me excitement when Santa came to drop us presents. We were worried for we just moved in to a house with no chimney, Santa might not be able to get in or he’ll skip our town because we live way too far out from the town proper.

Thankfully when we woke up Christmas morning, the presents were all under the tree. Fun morning it was, indeed!


Ugly Sweater Night with Santa 2016

This is me and Santa taken at Island Spa retreat in December 9. It is my second time attending a party at that place, thanks to mommy’s friend for hosting the party and inviting Santa over. This time it has a bit of change because Mrs. Claus came with Santa too and we did caroling, story-telling and enjoyed two games. Lots of candies I got and a free picture with Santa. I did not have a chance to tell him what I want for Christmas but I am getting some, I think.

It was a fun night not just for the kids but for adults as well. We only stayed for two hours though because mommy came straight from work that night and had to work early the following day. Over all, it was a blast and I enjoyed it, that’s for sure!

 photo santa2_zpsvxvmly4u.jpg

Little Christmas Tree

This cute little Christmas tree I own is great for coffee table and desks. I decorated it myself and is now being displayed in our living room. Mommy wanted to put it in our bedroom but I took it back out here in the living room so I can see often. What’s the point of decorating a tree and you don’t see it’s beauty, right?

We have two of this, one for my sister but hers is in our bedroom, haha. Mommy and dada think it’s beautiful.

I love decorating a Christmas tree because it is such a fun thing to do. Seeing Christmas decorations all over the house makes me excited for the occasion because it is when Santa comes and drop off some presents for me and the sister.

 photo charliebrown_ng

Christmas Day 2014

Here are photos of me and my sister busy and having fun opening our presents under the tree. My wish is granted when I opened a gift that that has a scooter inside it. Yes, a scooter with Frozen design in blue and light violet in color. Another thing in my wishlist that is granted is a musical box. Me and my sister has the same ballerina musical box but she doesn’t have a scooter. She got a play tent that is now sitting in our bedroom.

Also, we got plenty of matching glowing skeleton pajamas and other clothing. On the day of Christmas, Santa Jazzmine Cardoza dropped by our house to give us presents, a baby Pocahontas for my sister and a pink Minnie cooking set for me.

It always excites me Christmas eve for I know that is the night when Santa come and drop us some presents. Christmas day is fun for we get to find out what we have under the tree. It sure is fun to be a child until this age. A lot of things to be excited about and to be thankful for although I may not realize that but someday, I know I will.

 photo muzyxmas_zps2b160a68.jpg

Lowe’s Build and Grow: Holiday Toy Trains

In December 13, 2014 was a fun day for the whole family especially for me and my little sister. You know why? We got to build our own train. It is not everyday we get to put our hands to work in order to build a toy that is going to last forever. Thanks to Lowe’s Build and Grow program for allowing little kids like us to work on our motor and cognitive skills develop and let our imagination wander.

It was mommy who discovered it online and had us registered to secure a spot on that day, then it was with the help of dada driving us to the nearest Lowe’s store in order for the event to be successful. Dada helped me with my toy train while mommy did baby M’s train.

All in all, it was such a fun family activity that day. Now we are enjoying our own hard work, our own Holiday toy trains that lights up whenever the button is pressed down that we installed in the train.

Here’s my sister’s and mine nose to nose in the picture, this is how they look after when they’re finished and all the stickers are up… pretty, aren’t they?

 photo train_zps745efdd5.jpg

 photo toytrains_zps9f86326d.jpg

Picture with Santa 2014

Here is a picture of me and my sister with Santa, taken last Sunday, December 7,2014 right after church. We attended the holy mass first at a Catholic church we go to in Alta Mesa Blvd. Mommy brought us there for you know, spiritual food and to have our picture taken with Santa for free.

Looks like this is going to be the only picture of us with Santa this year. Mommy has no more plan of bringing us to the mall for another Santa photo since we already got this. Besides, it is free and it saves us money. At the mall, it is quite pricey which mommy is not willing to pay right now. We are poor, we don’t have a budget for it. She just feels lucky we’ve already posed with Santa this year for remembrance.

 photo santa_zps0a769136.jpg

Our Very Own Cute Little Christmas Tree

Mommy explained to me while we were working on our cute little Christmas tree last weekend that the first tree we have was 3 feet and that she is giving this to us now that we have our 6 feet Christmas tree that we have been using for three years now.

She said, that the small tree became too small for us, as our family grows big, she upgraded to a much bigger and taller tree representing of the growth of our family. My baby sister and I got so happy the moment we  own a tree.

She just let us decorate this tree for the first time in our life, she did not bother or complained how we decorate the tree. Thanks to mommy, she gave us something to do last weekend and I loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I even helped her putting up ornaments for our big tree. The following day, I even asked her if we could decorate some more for I really enjoyed doing it.

Our first cute little Christmas tree we own sits by the t.v door next to the window, mommy opens up the curtains at night and light the tree so that people can see our tree from the outside. She also put up some Christmas-colored curtains to make our t.v room a little attractive and cozy.

… this is me and my baby sister hard at work. Making sure ornaments are hooked nicely to the branches of the tree to avoid falling and breaking them…
 photo smalltree1_zpse67eb3af.jpg
…. the outcome of our hard work, I believe mommy have done a pretty job making our humble home look beautiful inside…
 photo smalltree_zps6d32b0e9.jpg

Decorating A School Family Project

Here is a serious look of me doing my school project. It’s a holiday family project assigned to me by my teacher. She gave me a pine cone and make something out of it. Mommy’s brilliant idea to transform the pine cone into a beautiful mini Christmas tree made people in school like it.

Materials used for this project are; mini colorful pompoms, cotton balls, glue, a recycled box, Christmas wrapper, toothpick and play-doh for the snowman, 3 mung beans.

Mommy and I did the decorating of the pine cone, dada did the star topper, I made the snowman and its hat. It is fun when my family participated in order to make this project.

 photo proj1_zps9551e7b9.jpg
… photos above and below show the early process of the decorating of the pine cone.
 photo proj3_zpsd87fdc23.jpg
…. photo below is the outcome of our labor. Pretty and cute, isn’t it? It might not be the prettiest project in our class but for us, it SUPERB!
 photo proj4_zpsa4114921.jpg

Christmas Day 2013

Here are photos of us opening the gifts in the morning of Christmas day of this year, 2013. I am happy Santa did drop by and dropped off some presents. Things I love are the fast running shoes, tablet, Mr. Potato head, Brave doll, Barbie’s Fashion closet and a few more.

I received 5 more gifts than my sister, she only had 5 gifts but she doesn’t know. She’s a baby.

 photo xmas2013_zps6ac1f1a8.jpg

 photo xmas2013jpg2jpg4_zps1afa448f.jpg

 photo xmas2013jpg2_zps14059ea2.jpg

 photo xmas20131jpg3_zps1807c0e1.jpg

 photo xmas20131_zps8873a25a.jpg

Making Sugar Cookies is Fun 2013

Here are a few pictures of me and my sister taken by mommy while making sugar cookies last night, Christmas eve 2013. I love it when it is Christmas time because I can get to do fun things in the kitchen with all the sugary and colorful sprinkles for the cookies, of course also bonding with mommy and this time with my baby sister.

Here’s how to make sugar cookies. Follow the pictures!

1. Cut the cookie dough using a cookie cutter, we got 4 big shapes of snowman, sock, Santa and a Christmas tree and another tiny pieces of Christmas tree, sock, snowman and a star. Mommy was the one who mixed all the ingredients for the sugar cookies and rolled it for me.
 photo cookies3_zps15b1bfac.jpg
2. Put in the oven and bake them for less than 3 minutes. Mommy burned some of the cookies yet we still had to decorate them. Next is decorate them just like in the picture. Choose any color you want and just use your imagination to design the cookie.

 photo cookies1_zps192ce64d.jpg
…. me and my sister, she later joined us after waking up from her afternoon nap… she had fun mixing sprinkles and icing writers too…
 photo cookies_zps40e152fe.jpg
3. Design a cookie exclusive for Santa and don’t let anyone eat it. Here’s my personal creation and I call it, “Santa’s cookie” which he didn’t eat because I forgot to put it near the fireplace last night.
 photo cookies2_zps24daba1f.jpg
4. Our decorated cookies, some of mine, baby’s and mommy’s. We only decorated a few because mommy got tired and she had to clean up the mess we made from our activity.
 photo cookeis4_zps0f72cea7.jpg