A Decade Old

I can’t believe I am now a decade old. Mommy can’t believe it either. I only had simple birthday wishes and it all came true. I have always wished for a snow, I was hoping we will have a white Christmas but there wasn’t a single flurry.

Came my birthday, I wished for it and it snowed the night before. Fortunately, there was no school on my birthday so my sister and I got to enjoy the snow although there wasn’t much on the ground. It has been three years since we’ve had our last snow.

Another birthday wish I got is for me and sister to visit iJump, dada took us there. And toys of course, lego and flipazoo. I am gonna have mommy return the lego, I don’t like it. I want a different kind.

Here are a few pics of the simple birthday celebration. As usual, it is just us, myself and my family in every occasion and at all times.





Summer 2016 Sleepover

June 11 was a fun day for us because mommy, myself and baby Megan got invited to a baby shower party at my friend Abigail’s house in Colleyville. It was one of those days that I like very much. We got to play with friends for the whole day until late evening, then play some more the morning after.

It was a good thing to do, mommy thought because she and her friends Annie and Irish- the sisters have not seen each other for two years knowing that they used to hang out together frequently and now it took that long for them to see again? That is just unbelievable right? But that is also understandable at the same time because, each has her own family and obligations to deal with everyday of their lives. People get real busy during school days plus the two women have to work.

Anyway, it is such a blessing whenever we get invited for a sleepover, plenty of fun and endless play at Abigail’s house that day.

 photo sleepover_zpswclnfxyk.jpg
… photo below is of us at dinnertime, sitting together at the dining table for a great dinner.
 photo sleepover1_zps6oxnjvpt.jpg

Note to Mommy for Mother’s Day

Things that my mommy does for me and my sister may not be appreciated sometimes but on Mother’s Day, I made sure I let her know that I am thankful for everything she does for us because I know she loves me and my sister so much despite the fact that she nags at me a lot.

I think I made her proud and happy when I handed this note I made in school one afternoon in celebration for Mother’s Day. This is not fancy but I wrote the best I could and tried to think hard the best things possible she does everyday.

This note is now hanging in our living room light which she can see everyday and read it to remind her that as her daughter, I am lucky to have her for she truly cares for us and thinks only for our own good.

 photo note_zpseqce9kdo.jpg

My 8th Birthday

Today, I officially turns 8 years old. And today, is the day I bid goodbye to cakes. I told mommy, I don’t want cakes on my birthdays anymore. I just want toys and chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I got a 20-inch bike and a pink shotgun toy from mommy and dada. Mommy have not baked me chocolate cookies though, she owe me a dozen and I am waiting for it.

Dada bought my bike at Walmart days before my birthday while I was at school one afternoon. He assembled it and just gave it to me on my natal day all ready to go.

 photo 10314540_10154507630274517_2564279287676157459_n_zpscqccsewg.jpg

We did not do much fun today. I asked dada if we could go to Legoland but he hated that idea. Aside from the expensive entrance, that place is so noisy and a torture for him. Not to mention, it’s an hour long drive from home. So we canceled that instead he brought us to Cabela’s. It’s an outdoor outfitter store that’s huge and tons of stuff to look at and roam around. What is nice about this place is that they got animals displayed in some corners of their store that we can only see in African Savannah. That is where I also got my pink shotgun toy that I chose myself shown below.

 photo 12509153_10154507630774517_8448441200814966050_n_zpsnbulnnwx.jpg

We spent a good 3-4 hours at Cabela’s and for me it wasn’t enough fun. I hope dada will bring us to another place next weekend and enjoy some more. We went to a shooting game area of the store, I had fun and mommy and dada thought I shot well.

…some serious shooting going on here… so focused and yes, it was a serious business to hit the target.
 photo P1162393_zpsuyzkwt1o.jpg

Halloween 2015

As usual, we all had fun trick or treating last night in celebration of Halloween 2015. We only went for a trick or treating in the neighborhood because EV cityhall cancelled their carnival the other night due to stormy and rainy weather. I was so excited for it and was really looking forward to attend the carnival because my friend Ariana was gonna be in there and we would ride the firetruck and play in the bounce house. That was unfortunate it got cancelled.

Anyway, here are a few photos of last night’s event. I loved the Halloween decorations some homeowners did to their yard. I collected lots of candies and chocolates too. The weather was kinda chilly but dry. Yet, I am still thankful for the rain has stopped just in time for Halloween eve that allowed us to walk in the neighborhood for treats.

My costume for this year is still a witch, same as last year. Mommy’s friend asked her why I liked to be a witch than a Princess, well, I guess I just love being a witch?

… first photo below is of me 7 years old and my 4 years old baby sister

 photo P1011947_zpsrtcpscba.jpg

 photo P1011951_zps6nkrtjrf.jpg

 photo P1011962_zpsj2utcjtm.jpg

 photo P1011961_zpssrdsqr4s.jpg

 photo P1011982_zpscplormai.jpg

Moment with My Dada

I am one lucky kid for having both parents while I grow up, building fond memories with them, getting nagged at by mommy and most of all, a dada who helps me with my reading and assignment every night. Here’s one of those nights that captured by mommy. He was helping me with spelling this moment was captured.

Mommy thought it was so sweet of dada for helping me so she took a picture of us. I treasure our family, I pray we will be tight knit together forever. Because of them, I have a beautiful home to come home to every afternoon after school and a solid foundation to help me live a fulfilling life.

 photo dada_zpsl1qsu6sw.jpg

Being Lazy on a Saturday Morning with Mommy

Since that severe storm we have had last week, I developed a fear of rain and thunderstorm. We had plenty of it last week since it’s Spring and it’s tornado season here in Texas. Just the sound of heavy rain pouring in makes me scared and the only person I run to when I feel scared is mommy.

There is nothing more comfortable than being on mommy’s chest, cuddle with her and just feel her warm touch. A photo below she captured last Saturday when it was stormy outside. My little sister was asleep in mommy and dada’s bed so I had the chance to be with mommy alone on the couch in the t.v room.

It felt so comfortable in her warm that I fell asleep for a couple of minutes. That is how she captured this photo of us. I like it. It reminds me that I have a mommy who loves and cares for me at all times that she is willing to do anything for me and my little sister. I love my mommy and I don’t want other mommy to grow up with!

 photo jmommy_zpsp73a7xlm.jpg

Easter Egg Hunting 2015

Here’s a few snaps of us during our egg hunting yesterday. Don’t we look pretty in our Easter dresses? We went to South Park Baptist church for egg hunting the second time around. The place has a huge yard suitable to accommodate many children for picking eggs. There were actually two places that offered egg hunting, the Edgecliff Village cityhall and the Baptist church but we chose the latter anyway for the EV cityhall was too early to be going.

It’s just a few blocks away from our home so going there is easy and don’t cost us so much gas. It was a perfect day to be outdoors, enjoyed the bounce house and picked as many eggs as we could. We gathered so many with candies inside it and ate candies to our hearts’ content.

Mommy is happy knowing that we had a lot of fun and also, we now have a place to go every year for egg hunting. We won’t be sad anymore nor missing egg hunting! Unlike the earlier years, mommy didn’t know where else to go so she had to just spread the artificial eggs in our backyard, did the egg hunting alone. That has changed now¬†obviously!

 photo eastercollage_zpshuxvg9jl.jpg

A Look Back of My 7 Years of Existence on Earth

Mommy has compiled a few photos or snapshots of me from birth until yesterday in celebration of my 7th birthday today. Yes, today at 6:45 in the evening I officially turned 7 years old.

Thanks to mommy who carried me for 9 months in her womb, endured a labor pain for 13 hours and for trying to push me for almost 4 hours. Celebrate my birthday with me by watching this lovely slideshow my mom had worked for in order to share to you all!

I blew my 7 candles today, opened the gifts and ate the cake. Photos will follow maybe tomorrow. We are gonna have a continuation of my birthday tomorrow at Chuck E. Cheese’s with mommy’s friends and Allison.

Picture with Santa 2014

Here is a picture of me and my sister with Santa, taken last Sunday, December 7,2014 right after church. We attended the holy mass first at a Catholic church we go to in Alta Mesa Blvd. Mommy brought us there for you know, spiritual food and to have our picture taken with Santa for free.

Looks like this is going to be the only picture of us with Santa this year. Mommy has no more plan of bringing us to the mall for another Santa photo since we already got this. Besides, it is free and it saves us money. At the mall, it is quite pricey which mommy is not willing to pay right now. We are poor, we don’t have a budget for it. She just feels lucky we’ve already posed with Santa this year for remembrance.

 photo santa_zps0a769136.jpg