Fabulous Wigs for Black Women

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Keeping our hair all tidy and neat makes a great impression to people who we met the first time. They say, first impressions last. With that, we should always keep ourselves looking presentable when we go out for business meetings, job interviews or just going out for a date.

I, myself, believe that first impressions last. Why I say that? Because, it has proven many times in the past that those who take the time grooming themselves especially the hair are most likely have their life in order, I found that to be true later. When I see random people wherever I go and if I like the way they carry their clothes or wear their hair, I make sure they hear my compliments so they will be encouraged to keep doing what they are doing.

Same goes with black women, I have a few friends that can totally rock their wigs for black women no matter what style, color or length the wigs are. And tell you what? They look fabulous in those wigs!

I checked some of the wigs on blackhairspray website or link above, I found this embedded below to be pretty. It is a Zury Sis Royal Swiss Synthetic Lace Front Wig – Nari with three other colors available jet black, deep purple and sombre 27.613 for under $20. Check it out ladies!


Beautiful Nails and Hands

Look what I did to my nails! Aren’t they beautiful? Mommy find my nails gorgeous, these are just fake plastic nails that’s been sitting in my drawer for so long. I was bored last weekend and thought it would be nice to try on these nails. They are pink in color, not my kind of color but it sure was fun putting them on. Don’t worry, people, these are fake nails I glued on to my real nails.

I found them awkward to wear so after just an hour I took them off pretty easy and fast. In fairness, mommy could not stop admiring my nails and my hands after taking photos of them. She thought I have long candle-like fingers that look like that of rich people that don’t have callouses in their hands. I hope mine will stay like that when I grow up and doing some hard labor using my hands.

 photo fakenails_zpsa29gtglf.jpg

Fun Night at Gaylord ICE Texan Sculpture

The coolest place I’ve ever been to so far in my life is the Gaylord ICE Texan Sculpture. Huge sculpted colorful ice and an ice slides surrounded by ice walls and all. It was very cold inside at 5 degrees F, we wore two layers of thick coats that night yet I still shivered especially in my feet.

It was like in fantasyland. Me and my sister had a great time sledding down the ice. We’ve made a couple round of slides before I decided to stop for I can no longer bear the coldness in my little feet. We took several pictures of the beautiful sculptures and here’s one of mommy’s favorite sitting on a bear chair with me, little sister and dada.

It is so pretty over there that makes me want to come back each year. Well, depends on mommy and dada if they want to bring us back to the ICE Sculpture.

After the ice sculpture, we went to look at beautiful toys and gifts at the gift shop then headed to the entrance of the hotel where colorful Christmas lights display was and it was free for us to see. It was one fun night for our family, perfect for everybody!

 photo P1012136_zpsnw92o9yz.jpg
 photo P1012104_zpssde9kuyn.jpg

Lowe’s Build and Grow: Holiday Toy Trains

In December 13, 2014 was a fun day for the whole family especially for me and my little sister. You know why? We got to build our own train. It is not everyday we get to put our hands to work in order to build a toy that is going to last forever. Thanks to Lowe’s Build and Grow program for allowing little kids like us to work on our motor and cognitive skills develop and let our imagination wander.

It was mommy who discovered it online and had us registered to secure a spot on that day, then it was with the help of dada driving us to the nearest Lowe’s store in order for the event to be successful. Dada helped me with my toy train while mommy did baby M’s train.

All in all, it was such a fun family activity that day. Now we are enjoying our own hard work, our own Holiday toy trains that lights up whenever the button is pressed down that we installed in the train.

Here’s my sister’s and mine nose to nose in the picture, this is how they look after when they’re finished and all the stickers are up… pretty, aren’t they?

 photo train_zps745efdd5.jpg

 photo toytrains_zps9f86326d.jpg

Halloween Costumes 2014

This year’s Halloween costumes are witch and a squeaky mouse. I am the witch with no broom and my little sister is the little mouse. Thanks to mommy who chose the costumes for us. We wore our costumes to the community Halloween festival and trick or treating. I love mine, I don’t get to be a witch all the time. I am a nice witch though. I don’t want to be bad. I don’t think mommy and dada will like that.

This year’s Halloween is more memorable to me than the previous year, because I got to see my “favorite” friend Albert at the city hall dressed as Spiderman and my close friend in school, Arianna, got to join us having so much fun riding on a fire truck as well as trick or treating in our neighborhood. I was more enthusiastic collecting candies as I had a friend with me and my sister.

After that, we went home and compared our candies and played a bit in my bedroom. It was such an amazing Halloween night for little kids like us!

 photo witch_zps4af7bc44.jpg

Me and My Sister Both Bundled Up

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So this is it! The temperature has gone down and we are feeling the chills everyday. All we can do is embrace the cold temperature by wearing two layers of clothes. Photo below is of me and my little sister in front of my school one Wednesday morning.

We were both bundled up for us to be comfortable walking to get to the entrance of the school. Mommy, for some reason always parks far from the entrance. If we don’t wear proper outfit for the cold temperatures, we will be frozen by the time we get to the school entrance.

My red coat with matching hat is my favorite. Mommy says, I look like Princess Sarah (a Philippine movie in the past) that wore similar coat during her height of popularity back then. My teacher noticed my beautiful coat too and she told mommy about it. Ahh thanks to my mommy who knows how to dress me up well.

 photo 1420411_10152398023599517_1152639401_n1_zps3bb6a02a.jpg

Pajama Day in School Today

I didn’t quite believe my mommy when she told me that I should wear my pajamas to school today because of what had happened last Friday. She made me wear a hat while it wasn’t a hat day for us and so everybody in my classroom laughed at me. Not her fault though, she read it in a paper they sent last week.

Today, it really is a “Pajama Day”. When we arrived in school this morning, I saw several kids and even teachers on their pajamas. So mommy was right and I am very happy. I got too excited when she handed me this pair of Hello Kitty fleece pajama set this morning and demanded me to wear it. Thanks to mommy and daddy for buying me this beautiful set and most especially to mommy for looking after my needs and taking care of me everyday!

 photo dedenk_zpsfdf539de.jpg

I Want Mommy’s Skirt Too!

Oh I’m so jealous! Mommy just bought a skirt that make her look like a Princess and I want it! You know me, I want to look beautiful, I like beautiful stuff, I love dresses, make-ups, nail color, I like perfumes, lotions… ah I like anything girly.

Mommy won’t give me her skirt, instead she promised me she is going to buy me a skirt of my size and just cut it with scissors that will make it look like her fringed skirt. Oh, I really like it because of the star prints and all those thingy in the bottom. I tried fitting it on and dang it’s too big for me so I gave it back to my mommy.

 photo 1063503_10152306456899517_505208167_n_zps53bcee31.jpg

Looking Good In Pink Sunglasses And Top

I received quite a few compliments for these pictures on Facebook. Mommy’s friends say I look good in my outfit with pink sunglasses on that coordinated with my pink top. These were taken outside our front porch in June 10,2012 going to Sea Life Aquarium. Thanks to mommy for always dressing me up and looking after me.


Me In My Fashionable Dresses

I am glad I have a mommy that loves dressing me up. First photo is of me on Christmas day after church. Second photo is of me in my pink Princess boots going to my friend’s birthday party.. third, is of me in my cute smile in my red dress and leather coat going to a Filipino-American party and last photo is of me and my mommy in our driveway.