Duck Feeding

I love animals and there is no doubt about that. I love birds, dinosaurs, dragons, butterflies, dogs, cats, chickens… you name it all rest assured they all have a place in my heart.

Here’s a picture of me feeding a lot of ducks, taken at my mommy’s friend’s apartment over the weekend when we visited Fort Worth. I enjoyed feeding ducks with my sister and our friends. A whole entire loaf of sliced bread was gone just so they can eat.

It was so nice to be able to touch those animals at the same time feeding their hungry stomach and take note, we did not even have to go anywhere else to find them, they came to us just outside their apartment’s door. Looking forward to doing it again next time.



Summer 2016 Sleepover

June 11 was a fun day for us because mommy, myself and baby Megan got invited to a baby shower party at my friend Abigail’s house in Colleyville. It was one of those days that I like very much. We got to play with friends for the whole day until late evening, then play some more the morning after.

It was a good thing to do, mommy thought because she and her friends Annie and Irish- the sisters have not seen each other for two years knowing that they used to hang out together frequently and now it took that long for them to see again? That is just unbelievable right? But that is also understandable at the same time because, each has her own family and obligations to deal with everyday of their lives. People get real busy during school days plus the two women have to work.

Anyway, it is such a blessing whenever we get invited for a sleepover, plenty of fun and endless play at Abigail’s house that day.

 photo sleepover_zpswclnfxyk.jpg
… photo below is of us at dinnertime, sitting together at the dining table for a great dinner.
 photo sleepover1_zps6oxnjvpt.jpg

Me and My Friend, Albert

I have this friend named Albert Quiroz whom I have not seen for almost two years. We were classmates in Pre-K at St. Christopher. We were closed friends back then and he was my favorite of all. We really got along well, we played and shared the special friendship between us. He is of Filipino descendants and I am half-Filipina.

Anyway, I missed him so much and hoping that I could see him one day. We live just a few blocks away, or literally, we share the same neighborhood yet, we don’t see each other except on August 6,2014 when mommy and her mommy’s common friend invited us over for a quick afternoon pool party at Albert’s home association pool.

It was so cool and I got so excited knowing that I could see my friend when mommy told me about the swimming. At long last, we met again… he was kind of shy, I wasn’t. I wanted to talk to him a lot but he was kind of aloof although he was friendly to me. Albert said that he remembers my name but forgot my face. Well, I can’t blame him. It has been a long time since we parted ways…

Photos of us below captured by mommy on that hot August afternoon. The right photo below, mommy thinks we look good together and that excitement and happiness showed on our face, you think we look cute? hehehe

 photo albert_zps81a9877e.jpg

Me and My Classmate Friend, Ariana

School year is almost over, we only got until Monday for it to be officially over. I am happy and excited knowing that I am not going to wake up early every morning for two months. However, I am sure, I will also miss my friends in school and probably will get bored at home for the entire summer.

Mommy took this picture of me and my friend, Ariana. I like her, she plays with me, we play a lot and most of all, she is my closest friend in our classroom. Someday, we will be able to look at this photo and remember how we met and how our friendship begun. It all began in 2013 in Mrs. Davis’ class.

This was taken in June 2 at our school’s playground.

 photo arianajadyn_zpsea53c980.jpg

A Friend’s Quick Visit Yesterday

Look who who I played with yesterday very quickly? It’s Isabela, yeyyy! I missed her a lot. It has been a long time since I have seen her. Her grandma lives next door yet she doesn’t come there often anymore. She is the only one I know in this neighborhood. We met 3 summers ago and since then, our friendship has blossomed.

I wish she will come back today but mommy said, probably not. Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for the day she’ll come knocking on our door or me knocks on their door.

Here is a photo of us yesterday. She has grown taller and I still look very tiny next to her. We made the most of our short time together by playing catching ball. It was a very short time but we both had fun. I wish she stayed longer though but she and her mom needed to go.

Until then, Isabela…

 photo isaden_zpsf0efe9ba.jpg
 photo isaden1_zps613eb2e1.jpg

Moments with My BFF Abigail

These are photos of me and my “best friend forever” named Abigail. These were taken at Chuckecheese’s last weekend. As you can see, it is very obvious in our photos that we had a really good time and truly enjoyed each other’s company. I love Abigail, she is a nice girl to play with. She is only a year younger than me so we get along pretty well. Unfortunately though we don’t see each other very often for they live 36 minutes away from us.

Anyway, these moments are worth to be remembered forever. I am glad mommy took photos of our moments together playing so that when we get older, we can still have a remember to look at and reminisce the childhood memories we created together. Until then…will post more updates soon…

 photo 1615257_10152556785114517_570319829_n1_zpsf98b88ef.jpg

 photo 1616754_10152556754949517_415554936_n_zpscda9aa30.jpg

Me and My Sister Are Friends

If there is anyone I can be friend with forever, that person is no other than my little sister baby Megan. I don’t know what happen to my friend Isabella next door why she doesn’t come anymore. Her grandma lives next door but we only seen each other once since summer started.

Gladly though I got my baby sister with me, we play, we fight, we eat together, we hug, we share toys and food… I am glad she is available all the time to play with me. Love my sister so much. She makes me happy, she takes away my boredom and most of all I now have my forever playmate.

 photo 7kfl6pa4pliz91if4krhyqlo1bpmj44b_zps37778cb4.jpg

I Found Friends in the Philippines

We came back from our 5-week long vacation from the Philippines just a week ago. I should say I had a great time staying at my grandma’s house. In there, I found so many friends that I didn’t even know their names. Needless to look for a playmate elsewhere for kids are everywhere. I go out the house and there they were waiting for me to play with them.

One afternoon mommy brought me and baby Megan to the park inside air force base with auntie Alex, uncle Adong along with their friends whom I became my friends too. The fun and excitement I experienced in the Philippines can’t be compared in America. Life here sometimes can be boring, there are no kids around or if there are, there so few of them that I have to look in every block hoping I could see one that I could play.

Look at the photo below, aren’t we the cutest?

 photo 61586_10151871286014517_7902638_n_zps8472cc91.jpg

Me And Isabella On Baby Megan’s Birthday

I am glad Isabella came over on my little sister’s birthday so she could join us singing a “Happy Birthday” song to my sister. Mind you, she is the only visitor we had, lol. Here’s our cute faces together taken by mommy eating our cake. I couldn’t finish mine so she finished it for me which is awesome. She doesn’t think of me as gross that’s why she eats in my plate.


Playing With Isabella

I’ve never been so happy in my 4 years of my life. I found Isabella who visits her grandma every Saturday. For your information, Saturday is our day to play all day. Last weekend which is Saturday, we played a lot of games like blowing bubbles in our driveway, play with water in the backyard and a whole lot more.

I look forward to seeing my friend every weekend, it is the only time I can really go out there, be a kid and have fun outdoor. Here are a couple photos of us enjoying the nice weather and the bubbles.

me and Isabella