Presents I Received in Christmas 2017

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I am so happy I received quite a lot and major presents this year. I got a new laptop, 2 sets of my favorite book Wings of Fire with book light and necklace, Dinosaur maskimal, slimy gloop, a new coat and other stuff. Now I have a computer that I can use for school work, online educational activities and digital painting.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I always look forward to it because it gives me excitement when Santa came to drop us presents. We were worried for we just moved in to a house with no chimney, Santa might not be able to get in or he’ll skip our town because we live way too far out from the town proper.

Thankfully when we woke up Christmas morning, the presents were all under the tree. Fun morning it was, indeed!


Christmas Day 2014

Here are photos of me and my sister busy and having fun opening our presents under the tree. My wish is granted when I opened a gift that that has a scooter inside it. Yes, a scooter with Frozen design in blue and light violet in color. Another thing in my wishlist that is granted is a musical box. Me and my sister has the same ballerina musical box but she doesn’t have a scooter. She got a play tent that is now sitting in our bedroom.

Also, we got plenty of matching glowing skeleton pajamas and other clothing. On the day of Christmas, Santa Jazzmine Cardoza dropped by our house to give us presents, a baby Pocahontas for my sister and a pink Minnie cooking set for me.

It always excites me Christmas eve for I know that is the night when Santa come and drop us some presents. Christmas day is fun for we get to find out what we have under the tree. It sure is fun to be a child until this age. A lot of things to be excited about and to be thankful for although I may not realize that but someday, I know I will.

 photo muzyxmas_zps2b160a68.jpg

My Loot Bags for My Friends in School

Here are the loot bags that my mommy prepared to be given to my friends or classmates in school. It is my first time to give such loots and I am excited how my friends are going to react once my teacher starts to distribute them. In each bag, there are candies, a toy that they could blow air into and expands a foot long and a bottle of bubble.

There aren’t much in the bag, really but mommy spent over $30 for all the goodies. I hope they will like it and enjoy my little something for each of them. My birthday photos will follow soon!

 photo 1598332_10152544749019517_1162342210_n_zpsf937925d.jpg

Christmas Day 2013

Here are photos of us opening the gifts in the morning of Christmas day of this year, 2013. I am happy Santa did drop by and dropped off some presents. Things I love are the fast running shoes, tablet, Mr. Potato head, Brave doll, Barbie’s Fashion closet and a few more.

I received 5 more gifts than my sister, she only had 5 gifts but she doesn’t know. She’s a baby.

 photo xmas2013_zps6ac1f1a8.jpg

 photo xmas2013jpg2jpg4_zps1afa448f.jpg

 photo xmas2013jpg2_zps14059ea2.jpg

 photo xmas20131jpg3_zps1807c0e1.jpg

 photo xmas20131_zps8873a25a.jpg

A Package From Uncle Mike

So you think small girls like don’t receive packages? You’re wrong. You’re very wrong! Even though I am small but I can receive packages too, my own package shall I say. A couple of days ago I received five books in the mail from Uncle Mike. How nice it is to be remembered by him.

Ah, he is one of my favorite persons in this world it’s because he loves me, he treats me right and he gives me books. He knows that I love story-telling so here goes another four books from him. I am lucky. Now I got new books for mommy to read to me at bed time.

…. excited opening it…

My 4th Birthday

To God be the glory! I celebrate my 4th birthday today exclusively with my family. Dada, mommy and baby Megan were with me as I blew the cake and opened my presents. I love them both because they are always nice with me, they give me nice presents especially the beautiful Barbie dolls, Scout pal and Ken that mommy gave me. The most surprising of all is that I now have a new pet, a horse given by my nice daddy! Thank God for another year of my life. I will never forget each birthday celebration with my family, they make it AWESOME!

My Pretty Face And Nice Stuff I Received

Just thought of sharing you the latest snaps of my pretty face looking happy to receive nice stuff from people who love mehhhhhh…

…….. a nice pose with the beautiful yellow flowers with my webkinz pets that grandma Jean has given to me…

….. nice goodies from tita Lerio of Colorado, a pack of Disney Princess Panties, 6 sets of girl hair and a beautiful dress.. thanks tita I am so happy of your gifts.

…. fitting on the panties…

Actual Footage of Me Fishing

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I think this toy is cool for it allows me to fish a gem without going anywhere hehe. It is unique in a way that you use the fishing hook in order to get the gem out of the hole and get as many of them in order for me to win. I lose every time I play with mommy but despite of that we both enjoy the game. Watch the video footage of me fishing!