Sans from Undertale

This is Sans from Undertale. I drew this because he is my favorite character. As usual my biggest fans are my mommy and dada. They both think this is beautiful and nicely drawn. I say, otherwise. Mommy thinks I did very well with my drawing especially the blending of colors and how Sans stood out after I finished all the details.

I have had several drawings in the past and my parents treasure them. They sure admire and appreciate my art which gives me encouragement to practice more and hopefully get better at it. I want to be an artist someday.


A Good Book to Read

I am into reading as I get older. I love fantasy, ghost/horror books. I have been reading this dragon books by Thui Sutherland books borrowed from our school library and each book I finished, I crave to read some more. I am hoping book 6 will be available when I return the current book I am reading. Meanwhile, I sidelined reading this ghost book I got from our other house last weekend. I have read it once and found myself reading it again.

The reason for this would be because mommy influenced me to watch horror movies at home, so that’s basically what influenced me to re-read this book.


My Sketch on My Tablet

I have this awesome application on tablet that allows me to do art and sketching. Mommy and dada believes I am a good visual artist, to me nahhh it’s just okay but mommy finds my artwork unbelievable. Even my art teacher said that I am way advance beyond my years and that I am a very quiet girl and when she looked at my drawing, it amazed her.

Here is one of the many things I do on my tablet. Mommy found it to be so beautiful that she had to take a picture on it and share to her friends on Facebook. I just draw/sketch whatever comes to my mind. No one can dictate me what I should draw, if I don’t feel like it.. I don’t do it. However, if I am in the mood to draw something, guess what? Something would come out beautiful if I do.

 photo jadyns truck_zpsgmvt57ph.jpg

Achieved Another Spiritual Milestone

Yesterday was a special and big day for me spiritual-wise. Thanks to my mommy who never give up sending me to Sunday school and tirelessly bringing me to all church activities in relation with my First Communion activities. Took me two years total in order for me to be qualified to achieve this greatest milestone that happened yesterday.

Mommy congratulated me after receiving my First Holy Communion at St. Batholomew Catholic church on May 20,2017. Thanks to her because if it wasn’t for her perseverance and encouragement , I would have not completed this. Now that I am done with this, we can take it easy and relax. Hopefully, when we move out in the country we can find a Catholic church to go to so I can continue to receive my communion.

Anyway, here’s me receiving the Eucharist from the priest, it was fulfilling and this Eucharist will serve as food for my soul.

Second picture is a group picture of the first batch of communicants, another batch followed right after us! Congratulations to all these kids too!

 photo 1communion_zpsif2oblue.jpg

 photo 1stcommunion2_zpskgus0vpx.jpg

Finger Painting

Mommy and dada have known in the past that I love visual art. I started with scribble scrabble when I was a toddler as I grew older my drawing progressed because I have parents that encourage me to draw more and be creative. They bought me pencils, colored pencils and a set of paint for art.

I do art when I am bored or when mommy don’t allow me to be on the tv. In short, painting is done when I’m bored. Pictured below is my latest painting using just my finger tips. Mommy found my art cute and attractive that is why she is taking a photo of these two for keeps. She especially like the “rainbow tree” as I call it. The trunk is her favorite because I make it look like it’s natural and detailed. Something she does not know how to do it.

 photo jadynsart_zpskonr5ztn.jpg

I’m Determined to Fish, So I Caught 3

February 19,2017 was such a fun day for me and my entire family in the country. Avery, Texas is such a small town with only 482 population in it but it is way funner than living in the city because there’s so many things to do outdoors. One of the many things we can do while being far from the civilization is go fishing in a pond.

As determined as mommy to catch some fish, I successfully caught 3 catfish on that day, took me whole day to make it three. Mommy was my loud cheerer for catching my first one! I feel happy and fulfilled because you know fishing is hard work. You wait and wait for a long time and hope something will eat your bait.

 photo jadynfish_zps9j4tmgp2.jpg

My First Confession

I have been religiously going to Sunday school for almost two years now. Mommy want me to follow the Catholic ways and be able to follow the sacraments they have. I almost quit and mommy keep encouraging me that I must continue because we are almost there.

She had me memorized the basic prayers which I did and also I had done my confession on January 19 of this year, it was a success and mommy couldn’t be prouder of me. It was easy, I tell you what. Undeniably though mommy was the one nervous for me but I did it. After confession, I did my penance. After this, we shall attend the first communion mass.

I hope mommy gets a day off her work so she can be there with me on this day. I am almost done with it. She said that I can stop going to Sunday school once this is all over. We shall see!

 photo confession_zpsjdcqc56f.jpg

I am 9 Today

I thank God for another year added to my life. I can’t believe I turn 9 today, cheers to that! Since I received a lot of toys in Christmas, I did not ask much from mommy and dada. This time I just wished to be able to go in a skating rink and experience it myself.

So, yesterday, my entire family went to the Silver Wheel Skating rink and tried skating for the first time. At first me and my sister were holding on to the side rail for a couple minutes. After I got used to the wheels, I braved on skating around the rink for a few times and then to the center of the rink as minutes went by. I did enjoy it very much, got very sweaty and skate for over an hour.

If it wasn’t because of my sister whining and rushing us to go home, I could have enjoyed more of my stay there. Dada said that he will drive me again to the rink so I can skate some more, I don’t know when that is but I trust his words he will bring me back to the skating rink.

 photo skate_zpsexhllenl.jpg

 photo skate1_zps3a0eytme.jpg

 photo skate2_zpsu9bvydkm.jpg

 photo 9thbday_zpswpg1p4bb.jpg

Mommy Pulled Out my Tooth for the Second Time

Mommy keep telling me stories about her father, lolo Elson how he used a thread to pull out mommy’s wobbly tooth when she was a kid. That scares me and it sounds so painful, but then, when she tried that to me using her finger one night, I realized it wasn’t that bad. I mean, I am thankful to her for she ended my painful suffering with wobbly tooth.

I was shocked at the same time relieved for I no longer have to deal with pain every time I eat or brush my teeth. The gap on the left was once a silver-capped tooth that she pulled out. And the second to the right in between big front teeth is the second one she did just 4 nights ago. I actually encouraged her to pull it out for it was so wobbly and it was getting really annoying, so she did. Amazing how she can pull out tooth very quickly and painless, haha!

…as you can see the gum still looks fresh in this photo, meaning, I just lost my tooth in this shot.
 photo pangag_zps2wofyuxf.jpg

I Finished 2nd Grade with 7 Awards

June 2,2016 was the last day of school for 2015-2016 school year. I finished second grade that day and a garnered 7 awards from my teacher/s.

My awards are;

Jr. Achievement
“A” Honor Roll
Academic Excellence
Invention Convention – this is an award that the whole class in Mrs. Pouncil’s advisory for winning the contest in the whole FWISD, there were 80 schools competed during that time and Mrs. Pouncil’s class won the trophy.
“E” Citizenship
2nd Grade Completion
Science Award

Despite of the constant nagging I got from mommy and early morning rises during those entire school period, I am thankful to her and my dada for helping, supporting and guiding me through out. I love them and forever will be grateful for the things they have done to me and the unconditional love they have given me since birth.

Looking forward to another year of my grade life.

 photo P1013666_zpsdpzmb1bw.jpg

… photo below is of me and my favorite teacher of second grade, Mrs. Janice Pouncl

 photo P1013661_zpswa4i8eue.jpg