Achieved Another Spiritual Milestone

Yesterday was a special and big day for me spiritual-wise. Thanks to my mommy who never give up sending me to Sunday school and tirelessly bringing me to all church activities in relation with my First Communion activities. Took me two years total in order for me to be qualified to achieve this greatest milestone that happened yesterday.

Mommy congratulated me after receiving my First Holy Communion at St. Batholomew Catholic church on May 20,2017. Thanks to her because if it wasn’t for her perseverance and encouragement , I would have not completed this. Now that I am done with this, we can take it easy and relax. Hopefully, when we move out in the country we can find a Catholic church to go to so I can continue to receive my communion.

Anyway, here’s me receiving the Eucharist from the priest, it was fulfilling and this Eucharist will serve as food for my soul.

Second picture is a group picture of the first batch of communicants, another batch followed right after us! Congratulations to all these kids too!

 photo 1communion_zpsif2oblue.jpg

 photo 1stcommunion2_zpskgus0vpx.jpg

Fun Night at Gaylord ICE Texan Sculpture

The coolest place I’ve ever been to so far in my life is the Gaylord ICE Texan Sculpture. Huge sculpted colorful ice and an ice slides surrounded by ice walls and all. It was very cold inside at 5 degrees F, we wore two layers of thick coats that night yet I still shivered especially in my feet.

It was like in fantasyland. Me and my sister had a great time sledding down the ice. We’ve made a couple round of slides before I decided to stop for I can no longer bear the coldness in my little feet. We took several pictures of the beautiful sculptures and here’s one of mommy’s favorite sitting on a bear chair with me, little sister and dada.

It is so pretty over there that makes me want to come back each year. Well, depends on mommy and dada if they want to bring us back to the ICE Sculpture.

After the ice sculpture, we went to look at beautiful toys and gifts at the gift shop then headed to the entrance of the hotel where colorful Christmas lights display was and it was free for us to see. It was one fun night for our family, perfect for everybody!

 photo P1012136_zpsnw92o9yz.jpg
 photo P1012104_zpssde9kuyn.jpg

Being Lazy on a Saturday Morning with Mommy

Since that severe storm we have had last week, I developed a fear of rain and thunderstorm. We had plenty of it last week since it’s Spring and it’s tornado season here in Texas. Just the sound of heavy rain pouring in makes me scared and the only person I run to when I feel scared is mommy.

There is nothing more comfortable than being on mommy’s chest, cuddle with her and just feel her warm touch. A photo below she captured last Saturday when it was stormy outside. My little sister was asleep in mommy and dada’s bed so I had the chance to be with mommy alone on the couch in the t.v room.

It felt so comfortable in her warm that I fell asleep for a couple of minutes. That is how she captured this photo of us. I like it. It reminds me that I have a mommy who loves and cares for me at all times that she is willing to do anything for me and my little sister. I love my mommy and I don’t want other mommy to grow up with!

 photo jmommy_zpsp73a7xlm.jpg

Easter Egg Hunting 2015

Here’s a few snaps of us during our egg hunting yesterday. Don’t we look pretty in our Easter dresses? We went to South Park Baptist church for egg hunting the second time around. The place has a huge yard suitable to accommodate many children for picking eggs. There were actually two places that offered egg hunting, the Edgecliff Village cityhall and the Baptist church but we chose the latter anyway for the EV cityhall was too early to be going.

It’s just a few blocks away from our home so going there is easy and don’t cost us so much gas. It was a perfect day to be outdoors, enjoyed the bounce house and picked as many eggs as we could. We gathered so many with candies inside it and ate candies to our hearts’ content.

Mommy is happy knowing that we had a lot of fun and also, we now have a place to go every year for egg hunting. We won’t be sad anymore nor missing egg hunting! Unlike the earlier years, mommy didn’t know where else to go so she had to just spread the artificial eggs in our backyard, did the egg hunting alone. That has changed now¬†obviously!

 photo eastercollage_zpshuxvg9jl.jpg

My Kindergarten Graduation School Year 2013-2014

Yesterday, June 4 was our Kindergarten graduation for the school year 2013-2014 held at our school auditorium. Only my mommy and baby M were there to attend this one of the most memorable events in my life, dada couldn’t be there because he had to work but it’s okay. He said that he is going to be there on my high school graduation for sure, hehe. By then he will be retired so he can have all his time attending my graduation.

Photos below were captured by mommy on the stage, receiving a congratulatory greeting from our school Principal. This is it, another milestone I’ve reached that prepares me to a new chapter of my childhood life, elementary years. Way to go for myself and for mommy who always work hard for me to send me to school. Wake up early every morning to prepare my lunch, get me ready for school, drive me to and from school everyday.

I cannot wait for school to be over so I can sleep in as long as I want and don’t think about getting dressed in order to attend my class everyday. For the entire summer vacation, I am planning to just play and maybe go to a water park. Only two days more left when school is over and woooooooooohoooooooo I am excited!

 photo kindergraduation011_zps2d87246c.jpg
 photo kindergraduation013_zpsa6302a2b.jpg

Lazy Getting Up in the Morning for School

Getting up early every morning is such a struggle for me lately. Mommy had to nag at me because of that. It’s that it’s cold and it feels nice to sleep in and just snuggle under my warm blanket. Mommy doesn’t like it when she wakes me up and I don’t get up right away so I cry and cry. That doesn’t make her happy either.

Mommy told me that it is my obligation to school so that I will learn and when I grow up I will have a good life if I finish school. But school is boring. I cannot wait to move on to the next grade and maybe it will be exciting, fun and I meet new friends. For now I just have to endure mommy’s nags every morning until the end of school year. Huh, that will still be five months away and I feel lazy already.

Make Up Session with Jadyn

At age five years old, I now know what eye shadow or make up is for. Mommy thinks I beat her for she doesn’t know how to apply make up on. She can only use eye pencil and lipstick but I can do eye shadow, lipstick and blush on to my face without the need of a mirror.

Photos below were captured by mommy when I had my “make up session” one afternoon. She thinks I look pretty with my eye shadow and that she didn’t stop me for putting it on for she knows, I am happy with what I am doing. Well, I am a girl after all and make-ups, shoes and purses are a girl’s best friend.

 photo t4fva9n7p6hnacs029h49wvavjyq0tlm_zpse3718200.jpg

Typical Day For A Toddler

Jadyn’s typical day is full of smiles, play, messy and cruising like a boat. Look at her surrounding, don’t you think it’s too messy and are hard to the eyes? Yep, that is how our house looks like for most of our days. There can only be one day when it’s tidy and neat… the rest of the days will be like it just got hit by a tornado. Well, what do you expect having a toddler around? Despite of that, I am blessed and thankful for having such a beautiful, playful, sweet and healthy girl like Jadyn.

Moments Like This

As much as possible both mom and dad would like to spend quality time with me while I am still a baby for surely they are gonna miss me when I suddenly become a lady. They should be for I am the only little dolly dolly in this house aside from Chitang that is also an attention seeker but hey mommy won’t let her interupt us while we are making a bond to each other. Dad was the one who took care of me last night when I suddenly felt pain that made me cry so loud.Mom was in the kitchen doing the dishes when she heard me and ran quickly to the living room. Both mom and dad tried to calm me down and make me quiet.Thanks for their comforting arms for I felt good afterwards. Mom created a slideshow of our family from last night.Hope you like the photos guys!

Paying My Mom’s Hardwork With A Smile

A picture of a perfect small family is all I can see now.Mom and dad are both so happy of me I because I can now response to them when talking to me.Flashing my babyish angelic smile is such a beauty that they find me very pretty when smiling.Mom is so strange,she knows that I cannot live without her love,proper care and most of all her milk to nourish my dependent body and yet she is asking me to pay her back. I am glad that it is just so easy to pay back all the goodness she has done to me,just by giving my smile to her and touching her chest with my little fist while nursing is good enough for her,that definitely makes her heart melts. Daddy too is weird,he thinks that I am scared of him.He keeps telling my mom that while in fact,I am so comfortable while being in his arms at night.I love my mom and dad so much that I promise to bring happiness to their hearts,promise that! I have no regret I was born in this world for I feel my parents’ love,the kind of love that is unconditional,a love that is pure and true.A love that a small baby like me needs inorder to grow.I am proud they are my parents!!