A Music Store in Des Moines

I have been to Iowa once in my life during my early years here in America. Visited a friend whom I met in Manila during my interview in US Embassy. She was nice enough to invite me over to their place and saw what it looked like over there where she lives. It is nice, it’s in the countryside in Knoxville but I also visited Des Moines briefly. It is not as big as where I live but at least there is a guitar center des moines where musicians can go buy their stuff in Guitar Center physical store.

Vintage style bass guitar

I find this wwbw has hofner 1964 vintage style bass guitar I am looking at right now. If I know how to play the guitar, I would love to possess this one, it is very beautiful and would be proud to carry it in my performances. If you are looking for that one bass guitar that has a classic or vintage touch to it, this one is a must-buy guitar. Check it out on the link above please.

Guitar Center Nashville

I used to watch American Idol a lot and most contestants who can sing well are from Tennessee! That is a fact. If you would search for it, a lot of musicians originally coming from TN. If I was one of them, I would be very proud to hail from that state especially when I have the talent to play the guitar and sing as well.

However, if you are just visiting Nashville and would like to know where the guitar center nashville is, search for it online or you may click on the link directly.

Musicians Friend Store in Kansas

A big music store like Musician’s friend should be available in every state. There is even one here in our local area I saw at one time. It is not so big but at least musicians know where to go and buy their piece of musical instrument here in Fort Worth.

If you live in Kansas, you should also be able to locate a musicians friend kansas city store near you simply by searching through this link here.

Musicians are gifted

Nothing is more admirable than a person who loves music and can play a musical instrument or two. I don’t have any talent or music skills but for those who have it, I view them as talented and gifted. One that can play this nord electro 4 is amazing and I could listen to it being played all day and everyday of my life, I tell you! This nord electro 4 builds on all the features of Nord’s award-winning Electro 3 series and adds the physical drawbars from the C2D packed into an ultra-portable, lightweight 61-note keyboard with a Semi Weighted Waterfall keybed.

Apogee Interface

Are you looking to buy for apogee interface? You might want to check out this sleek little thing on the link here and see if this is something you like to buy. Good news, if you are in Texas, there is no sales tax to be collected who resides in Texas.

About the product, Apogee Ensemble is the first and only multichannel audio interface that is fully integrated into Logic Pro. With Ensemble, everything from mic pre and output gain to sample and bit rate selection are controllable from within the Apogee Control Panel in Logic. It is the first professional audio interface that is all digitally controlled and designed specifically for Apple computers and Logic.

The Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

We want the best of everything and everything includes selecting the right firewire audio interface. Why choose The Focusrite Saffire Pro 40? It is a multichannel FireWire audio interface designed with today’s project studio in mind, and delivers the sound quality of much more expensive interfaces. You can read more on this product if you click on the link provided. Also, you can browse for more products on the website if you feel like you need something else other than firewire.

4th of July Massive Savings Event

Head on to this link provided here and check out their 4th of July Massive Savings Event now thru July 4th with hundreds of great deals on your favorite items and or instruments including new JBL Eon. Prices that will really make you want to buy one that you have been wanting for so long and you couldn’t because of high regular prices. Now is your time to browse and pick the one that is right for you. You can search by category; PA Powered speakers and unpowered PA speakers.

Keeping Your Guitar Safe

We all know that no matter expensive or durable our things are, if we don’t take good care of them or handle them with care and buy the necessary cases in storing them, these things will not last for a long time. One best example is your guitar, it should have a proper and sturdy case in order for it to be protected from dust and other environmental factors that could greatly damage your possession. If you are looking for one, try searching for alvarez guitar case for your jumbo acoustic guitar.

For just $90 plus tax, you’ll get yourself The JC1 hardshell guitar case fits all Alvarez Jumbo Guitars. It has a wooden shell with rugged cover, plush lining, plus heavy-duty hinges and latches. The Alvarez case provides perfect protection for your favorite guitar.

Fender Custom Shop John Cruz

One can see a real beauty of a guitar when it is designed and made way before they were born or close the year of their birth. One of the trends nowadays are these fender custom John Cruz late 50’s early 60’s designs.

Take a look at the catalog of Fender Custom Shop John Cruz guitars and basses includes many of his greatest accomplishments, from ’65 Jaguars and Jazzmasters to ’57 Precision Basses and even ’59 Teles by clicking on the link above.