Cute Little Minnows for Baits

I love all kinds of animals including fish! Here’s me and my sister so amused of the little fish that uncle Mike bought for baits. They are so cute and want to keep them but then they slowly died. We had no choice but use them as baits and release those that we didn’t use rather than keeping them in a tight and small container and wait to die.

Mommy sees the fish and drooling over them. She said that she wants to make a soup out of these fish! That’s what she is always thinks of food every time she sees some fish. For me, I love them as a pet not for food.

 photo minnows_zps8mydtrna.jpg

Me And My Nice Purse And Doggy

Here’s a latest shot of me with my pink purse and inside is my little doggy. I am glad mommy and daddy bought me this 50 cents pink purse with big bow to use as a pet carrier. Mom refer to me as little Paris Hilton as she is known to carry a little chihuahua in her purse just like I do. I got three stuffed puppies now, a mama dog, papa dog and this little one that I like to play a lot!