Always Buckle Up

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There is only one rule implemented for our children as soon as they get seated in their car seat, ” always buckle up”. I put that in their mind since they started using booster car seats. For us, safety is of utmost importance wherever we may go. I don’t want to take the risk driving without me or my kids’ wearing seat belts for we never know when accidents could occur, God forbid. I say that every time and they happily oblige, thankfully.

No matter how careful we are when it comes to driving but there are other drivers out there that don’t pay much attention when they are behind the wheels, have low regards for other people’s lives. So we must take precaution at all times especially when we have children in the car with us.

Buckling up is such a simple thing to do even 3 years old kids can do it with just one click but I know a family whose children don’t bother fastening their seat belts no matter how hard the mother yells at them. Maybe it has something to do with the belts too rough or choking them?

In our car, it is different and my children don’t see buckling up is a problem. It is because, ours is a comfortable family car, belts that glides on smooth and easy. Smooth driving, comfortable seats and spacious leg room and trunk.

If you are looking to buy a new or used car, do visit, tons to choose from different manufacturers. Great car site to purchase your first family car. One of the newest cars available on is this 2018 Acura MDX with combined MPG 21-23. Check it out for more info.


And here is our family car, spacious, smooth driving. Extra storage on the roof was bought separately.

Extra space for the out towners.

Fabulous Wigs for Black Women

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Keeping our hair all tidy and neat makes a great impression to people who we met the first time. They say, first impressions last. With that, we should always keep ourselves looking presentable when we go out for business meetings, job interviews or just going out for a date.

I, myself, believe that first impressions last. Why I say that? Because, it has proven many times in the past that those who take the time grooming themselves especially the hair are most likely have their life in order, I found that to be true later. When I see random people wherever I go and if I like the way they carry their clothes or wear their hair, I make sure they hear my compliments so they will be encouraged to keep doing what they are doing.

Same goes with black women, I have a few friends that can totally rock their wigs for black women no matter what style, color or length the wigs are. And tell you what? They look fabulous in those wigs!

I checked some of the wigs on blackhairspray website or link above, I found this embedded below to be pretty. It is a Zury Sis Royal Swiss Synthetic Lace Front Wig – Nari with three other colors available jet black, deep purple and sombre 27.613 for under $20. Check it out ladies!


Best Music Store

Different people have different preference when it comes to shopping for clothing, foods, home goods and even musical instruments. One may claim his or her favorite store is this and that, others prefer going to musician’s friend because they think it is the best music store for they find tons of great selections of products, used, brand new or highly rated by customers accessories and instruments. I cannot blame those loyal customers who prefer the musician’s friend for there truly is real good deal on this site.

High Bay Lights

In all lighting you need, you can go any home improvement or home/business lighting superstores around the country and in your area. But one thing is for sure, nothing compares the quality of products, tons of selection and all your lighting needs that has. You can check out their high bay lights from and you will be amazed to find what you are looking for on their site. High bay lights are typically used in areas over 40 feet in height, which makes this setup perfect for any large area, like a stadium or a music hall. Because they put off so much illumination, you won’t have to purchase as many of these lamps as you would a variety that was not made to illuminate such large areas.

Lights and Music Give Light to the Party

I must agree that any party needs dancing light and music to keep it upbeat, keep the people going and enjoy throughout the party. With light alone, that is boring. With music alone, the party is half complete so it should come together.

With that being said, a disco ball and some music that fits to your guests’ likes and age would be appropriate. Check out a disco ball for sale if you are looking for one. Plenty to choose from and hope you find that very disco ball that suits your needs.

Fender Custom Shop John Cruz

One can see a real beauty of a guitar when it is designed and made way before they were born or close the year of their birth. One of the trends nowadays are these fender custom John Cruz late 50’s early 60’s designs.

Take a look at the catalog of Fender Custom Shop John Cruz guitars and basses includes many of his greatest accomplishments, from ’65 Jaguars and Jazzmasters to ’57 Precision Basses and even ’59 Teles by clicking on the link above.

They’ve Got You Covered

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Key Credit Repair Will Help You

I can only imagine how it is to live with bad credit. There are things you want to do or you want to buy but you cannot simply because you are not qualified for you have a bad credit. Many people have lived their lives with bad credit not knowing that they can ask help to get out of the mess they are in. Click here to learn How to Repair Credit Key Credit Repair.

This company will work with you through each and every credit issue you might have suffered all through these years. Applying for financing? Not a problem, these guys is there to help you. Please call them today to request a free consultation. Yes, free consultation.

You can start an easy credit repair process with them in just three simple steps; consultation, enrollment and sit back and relax. These guys will do the job for you. Please click on the link above, browse for more information and if you must, read their clients’ successful stories. Good luck!

Marshall Logo

Anybody who can see their favorite band, place or music printed on a t-shirt, if you are a great fan, you would buy that merchandise right? Just like this marshall logo printed nicely on a black tee. It is a classic name printed on a classic 100% cotton tee. Check out the link above for size and color availability. You may also check out the item’s reviews and or view other products on their awesome website. Enjoy browsing and happy shopping.

Desks, Tables, Workstations Studio Furniture

When repetitive work is done everyday, you would want to feel comfortable while doing what you’re doing in order to last a day, to avoid body pains and injuries. For example, working on a computer or in the office everyday for long periods of time, you would need a good piece of office chair that provides comfort to your bottom and a good back cushion. Same thing in your music studio.

If you are looking for attractive, double purpose workstation studio furniture, please go here and start browsing in their collection. You may also make your search quicker by searching by categories, prices, most rated, used or new and etc. Enjoy browsing!