Painted Rock Art

Here’s a rock art that I painted in school. Mommy and daddy are amazed at how I painted this rock beautifully. I love birds so I chose a bird on it. My music teacher took a picture of my artwork privately. Most of my classmates just did flowers and other designs and I chose this.

After the paint has dried, they then glazed it as a coating to preserve the paint. Now it is sitting nicely on our kitchen island where everybody can see it when they are in the kitchen.


My Bluegreen Snake Clay Art

Here is one the things we did in school, my bluegreen snake pot made with clay. I molded the body with my own hands to form the pot, this becomes the body of a snake. I chose a snake to show how much I adore reptiles, snakes specifically. I just think they are adorable.

Once the snake pot is done, the school heated it a little bit and I colored it with paint. Once done, they heated it some more. Since I chose to have a snake pot, I curled up the clay and kind of flatten it to make the base but then when it was done, it leaks. It does not hold the water. Have I know that, I would have sealed it real good for it hold some water.

I brought it home a day before our school has ended. Mommy and dada thought it was very pretty that I made a good job creating it. Mommy loves it very much. I am a bit disappointed for its leak but mommy encouraged me to just put my little valuables on it because it will still look nice like my purple mineral rock. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

 photo clay art_zpsyp99lr8d.jpg

Science Project I Finished at Home

Here is a picture of the Science project I took home from last week. Mommy had no idea what was that poked her finger when she took the stuff out my backpack. Today, I put them all together and now she has an idea what it is. She asked me what’s its name and told her I don’t know. Anyway, I am blogging about it because it will be great memorabilia someday in the future when I am big and I am able to look back of all the memories and activities I have done as a grade school student and as a kid.

 photo project_zpsppihzfwc.jpg

Decorating A School Family Project

Here is a serious look of me doing my school project. It’s a holiday family project assigned to me by my teacher. She gave me a pine cone and make something out of it. Mommy’s brilliant idea to transform the pine cone into a beautiful mini Christmas tree made people in school like it.

Materials used for this project are; mini colorful pompoms, cotton balls, glue, a recycled box, Christmas wrapper, toothpick and play-doh for the snowman, 3 mung beans.

Mommy and I did the decorating of the pine cone, dada did the star topper, I made the snowman and its hat. It is fun when my family participated in order to make this project.

 photo proj1_zps9551e7b9.jpg
… photos above and below show the early process of the decorating of the pine cone.
 photo proj3_zpsd87fdc23.jpg
…. photo below is the outcome of our labor. Pretty and cute, isn’t it? It might not be the prettiest project in our class but for us, it SUPERB!
 photo proj4_zpsa4114921.jpg