Christmas Program in School

One of the biggest event that took place in our school this year is the Christmas Program held in December 22. Elementary students have presented such a great program for our parents and friends to see. I have participated the said event and I was the Angel Elf. I am the second from the right in this picture below. Mommy could not identify me at first until she saw her red dotted socks.

I did my best with my role and conquered my stage fright and finished our part with no problem. My friends say, they messed up. I did not feel that way, so maybe I was performing alright. Mommy thinks I did. Ah truly she is my biggest fan!


Painted Rock Art

Here’s a rock art that I painted in school. Mommy and daddy are amazed at how I painted this rock beautifully. I love birds so I chose a bird on it. My music teacher took a picture of my artwork privately. Most of my classmates just did flowers and other designs and I chose this.

After the paint has dried, they then glazed it as a coating to preserve the paint. Now it is sitting nicely on our kitchen island where everybody can see it when they are in the kitchen.


My Bluegreen Snake Clay Art

Here is one the things we did in school, my bluegreen snake pot made with clay. I molded the body with my own hands to form the pot, this becomes the body of a snake. I chose a snake to show how much I adore reptiles, snakes specifically. I just think they are adorable.

Once the snake pot is done, the school heated it a little bit and I colored it with paint. Once done, they heated it some more. Since I chose to have a snake pot, I curled up the clay and kind of flatten it to make the base but then when it was done, it leaks. It does not hold the water. Have I know that, I would have sealed it real good for it hold some water.

I brought it home a day before our school has ended. Mommy and dada thought it was very pretty that I made a good job creating it. Mommy loves it very much. I am a bit disappointed for its leak but mommy encouraged me to just put my little valuables on it because it will still look nice like my purple mineral rock. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

 photo clay art_zpsyp99lr8d.jpg

I’m Ready for School

I am kind of excited for school. Two weeks is approaching and mommy is almost done with my school supplies, just one more left need to be ordered online and I will be set to start in third grade. Mommy bought me a new pair of blinking purple Frozen theme shoes a few days ago. I am glad that she let me chose what I want and did not hesitate to pay for it.

On the other hand, I will be waking up early and take my little sister to her classroom every morning when school begins which I will wholeheartedly do it. I love my sister and I want her to be safe and make sure she gets to her classroom and not get lost because it is her big worry going to school.

 photo supplies_zpswtabmn2z.jpg

I Finished 2nd Grade with 7 Awards

June 2,2016 was the last day of school for 2015-2016 school year. I finished second grade that day and a garnered 7 awards from my teacher/s.

My awards are;

Jr. Achievement
“A” Honor Roll
Academic Excellence
Invention Convention – this is an award that the whole class in Mrs. Pouncil’s advisory for winning the contest in the whole FWISD, there were 80 schools competed during that time and Mrs. Pouncil’s class won the trophy.
“E” Citizenship
2nd Grade Completion
Science Award

Despite of the constant nagging I got from mommy and early morning rises during those entire school period, I am thankful to her and my dada for helping, supporting and guiding me through out. I love them and forever will be grateful for the things they have done to me and the unconditional love they have given me since birth.

Looking forward to another year of my grade life.

 photo P1013666_zpsdpzmb1bw.jpg

… photo below is of me and my favorite teacher of second grade, Mrs. Janice Pouncl

 photo P1013661_zpswa4i8eue.jpg

Weekly Test Scores

One month since school has started for school year 2015-2016, I am bringing home my weekly test results home to show to mommy. Spelling, English and Math results are what usually I bring home shown in a photo below. I think I make mommy proud of these scores here.

Last week, I had a few mistakes, 3 in spelling and she got upset with me for I told her I studied the day before the test but she found out that I did not. To her, it is okay to a few wrong answers as long as I tried to study and not lie about it.

Anyway, assignments are pouring in every week too. There is also a paper to fill with my reading information and dada and I are trying to do the reading session in his study room every afternoon. Last week, I received a lollipop as a prize for reading a lot. I like it when I receive something from the teacher, it encourages me to read more!

 photo tests_zpsbzp7xtab.jpg

Science Project I Finished at Home

Here is a picture of the Science project I took home from last week. Mommy had no idea what was that poked her finger when she took the stuff out my backpack. Today, I put them all together and now she has an idea what it is. She asked me what’s its name and told her I don’t know. Anyway, I am blogging about it because it will be great memorabilia someday in the future when I am big and I am able to look back of all the memories and activities I have done as a grade school student and as a kid.

 photo project_zpsppihzfwc.jpg

First Day of Second Grade

So this is it! It is our first day of school in second grade! Hoorah to that! I am getting bored at home and I am glad school is starting today. I am under Mrs. Pouncil’s class and two of my first grade classmates and friends happen to be in the same class with me.  My bestfriend Ariana is in a different class but in the classroom adjacent to mine. With that said, we can still see each other everyday and play in the playground when both of the classes go out at the same time.

Dada skip work today so he, mommy and my little sister can take me to my classroom on this very day. Thanks to them for they truly took the time to be with me in every step of my journey. That just only shows that I matter to them and they love me so much!

Here are photos of me and my friends to document our first day together. You will notice, I am little bit taller this time but way smaller than my friends. I also have longer and trimmed hair. I got a new floral pink/black backpack, new pair of purple shoes and new top uniform. All these prepared by mommy and of course, paid for by dada.

I will continue blogging of what is to come in this journey so please, keep coming back and ready my blog.

Me, being in second grade…

 photo 2ndgrade20010_zpsytl2a4q5.jpg

Me and my new teacher. In this photo, I introduced my name to her so she can find me in her list.
 photo 2ndgrade20012_zpsv511cthx.jpg

Me and Noella in our seats. When I am with my friend/s, mommy and dada think I am in my own world.
 photo 2ndgrade20016_zpswo5dcqvt.jpg

Vacation Bible School Receiving of Certificate

It was a fun-filled week attending the Vacation Bible School. Sadly, it has ended too soon. Five days of going to VBS is something we have experienced for the first time. Mommy did not mind bringing us to a different church than Catholic as long as this church taught us about the words of God, fun crafts that include painting, coloring and putting pieces together to create something, Science that showed us how to make a tornado inside an empty soda bottle, experimenting on a powder that increased volume using a teaspoon of it and water (powder that they use the inside of diaper), singing/action worship songs, Scripture story-telling session and a whole lot more.

The church was warm and welcoming due to its members. Thanks to the generosity of its members too for offering us free dinner for the whole week.

Mommy met a few people that made an impression to her. Last Friday was the last day and here’s us receiving our certificates with the rest of the children who attended the bible school. What a productive and great way to spend summer.

It was so enjoyable that my little sister asked mommy this morning why we are not going to VBS anymore. Poor little kid!

 photo VBS_zpsjwnwivpd.jpg

Flowers in a Vase for my Teacher

This is me last Friday, May 8,2015 holding a vase full of beautiful flowers from mommy’s flower garden in the front yard. We gave Ms. Behrend these flowers for “teacher appreciation week”. It was mommy who picked and arranged them in a vase. She did a great job putting all the flowers together for my teacher and ms. Behrend like them.

I may not be my teacher’s favorite student but I can tell she likes me. I got good grades in all the subjects she handle and she helped me nominate to be included in “gifted students” list this year. Thanks to her for recognizing my ability and academic excellence.

 photo jflowers_zpshrgepsa7.jpg