My Christmas Presents from Mom and Dad

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When we went shopping for toys last week, I was with my mommy and daddy and I think I saw what they got for me for Christmas. However, I don’t remember what it was, you know I only have short attention span when it comes to things so I’ve totally forgotten what they bought for me.

Mom was so anxious giving me the gifts on the 24th but daddy stopped her from doing that because he wants me to open it on the 25th. Yes and it came true. On Christmas day, after long hours of trip to where my granpa lives, I finally see and opened the gifts for me. It’s my first Christmas ever so it is just right for them to give me something to remember this year. Look at the photos I share here and enjoy! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Big Webcam Fanatic

I was about to sleep when mommy just picked me up and bring me to her computer.I knew it when she does that,she gonna show my beauty to her online friends and so I was right.She was chatting her friend in the Philippines and asked if she can view me on the cam. It’s my pleasure to be with mommy in the computer because this is what I like.I just love the webcam.Mom thought I looked beautiful and it clearly shows my round eyes.Another thing that I am so fond about the computer is the typepad,it just makes nice sound when mom types in it.The bright light from the monitor simply entertain me. Showing you captured photos from the webcam moments ago.Hope you like them guys.

Latest Photos of Me

Tita Ivy is so kind for making this scrap of my beautiful cute face. I love it,nicely done and I want to thank her for the hardwork. Anyways,the one in pink dress is my latest shot so throw me your hugs and kisses guys. Going to go now for I am starting to cry here,hungry for milk and movie time with dad and mom too.

Meet My Best Pal

Hey people! What’s up? I know it’s quite a while now since I have updated this blog.As usual busy doing my daily routine.I have been good here giving both my mom and dad their happiness.Anyways,I would like to introduce to you my best pal named Kitty Pinky.

She was there the day I was born.She is my first pal ever.She was given to me by Tita Annie while we were still in the hospital.When I am capable of playing,I would treat my best pal good and hope we will become good friends forever.Thank you so much Tita Annie for sending Kitty Pinky in my life.Look at the latest photos I have with my pal that my mom took this evening.

Paying My Mom’s Hardwork With A Smile

A picture of a perfect small family is all I can see now.Mom and dad are both so happy of me I because I can now response to them when talking to me.Flashing my babyish angelic smile is such a beauty that they find me very pretty when smiling.Mom is so strange,she knows that I cannot live without her love,proper care and most of all her milk to nourish my dependent body and yet she is asking me to pay her back. I am glad that it is just so easy to pay back all the goodness she has done to me,just by giving my smile to her and touching her chest with my little fist while nursing is good enough for her,that definitely makes her heart melts. Daddy too is weird,he thinks that I am scared of him.He keeps telling my mom that while in fact,I am so comfortable while being in his arms at night.I love my mom and dad so much that I promise to bring happiness to their hearts,promise that! I have no regret I was born in this world for I feel my parents’ love,the kind of love that is unconditional,a love that is pure and true.A love that a small baby like me needs inorder to grow.I am proud they are my parents!!

My Latest Pretty Photos

Happy Weekend friends! Youngest blogger has the time to write something in her diary today because she is not that busy. “Yesterday mom,dad and I went to see the butterfly sanctuary nearby,even if I am too small to see the place mom and dad should bring me because they cannot leave me here in our house. At the sanctuary,I was just sleeping the whole time,I didn’t know what happened there but certainly I can hear people around me chattering.I also heard a few complimenting how cute I am,that I look good in my pretty headband. Mom feel so proud of me because hearing such beautiful words for her daughter makes her liver go big! Dad was so happy of me too because he thought I am gonna make it hard for them while touring the whole sanctuary,but no! He was wrong with his assumption.Of course I want to make my parents happy with me by behaving myself when I need to be.That’s what baby Jadyn is!” You guys enjoy my photos and keep coming back to see more of progress!

New Snaps of A Celeb Baby

There is nothing else to do in this cool afternoon.Baby me was spitting up that caused my onesie to be a little damp on my left shoulder because mom forced me to suck the pacifier even if I don’t like it,see what happened,I spit up.

Instead of changing my clothes right away,mom was being a big annoyance for me because she wanted me to pose and pose for her. I couldn’t do anything,I am just a helpless baby and can’t run away from her.I guess mom just wanted to see how big I am now since I am already 5 weeks old today.

Mom and I are both happy of the photos.Atleast my hardwork was paid off,it was too cold to pose naked you know? Take a look at the snaps on the slideshow and you’ll be the judge if I am lookin’ cute or not.

Brave Girl

Hey hey!! How have you been doing all guys? Baby has been sleeping for couple days and she just woke up today hehehe.It’s pretty cold in our place today after weeks of getting enough heat from the sun,now it’s time for Mr.Winter to take over.Despite of the coolness,that does not stop  mama from bathing me.

Mom really thinks I am a brave girl because I did not cry though shivering and goose bumps can be seen in me but oh still waited for mom until she gets done cleaning my small body.I like  being cleansed because of my cute little butt is kind of sticky from pooping and peeing all the time.It makes me feel good afterwards.It takes away all the fussiness I feel. What I like most after bathing is that mom give me her fresh milk right away and oh those soft little touches of her hands on my body just feeling so loved by her.