Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas for People With Pets

We all know an individual who is perfectly inseparable from their pet. Regardless of where they go their faithful animal is likely in the car with them. They spend numerous hours tending to their needs and playing with them in their homes.

These individuals can be hard to shop for. You may find yourself wanting to pull out your own hair and scream “How can I find the perfect gift for them without breaking the bank”. Fret no more! Thankfully this helpful guide will give you some excellent advice for finding the perfect gift for them.

Follow these tips and tricks the next time you go shopping for great savings and reduced stress.

Greenies are a great gift for anyone who owns a dog with bad breath.

If you are shopping for a gift for someone who owns a dog you may consider getting them a couple of bags of greenies to improve their breath. Greenies are an all natural dog food additive that reduce the foul bacteria in a dogs mouth and stomach and make their breath smell less foul.

They are usually around five dollars a bag and can be purchased at your nearest Petco.

Consider this excellent gift idea the next time you go shopping for the dog owner on your list.

A gift certificate to the groomers is a great gift for a pet owner

If the pet owner you are shopping for is the owner of a particularly hirsute animal you may consider getting them a certificate for a grooming. The groomer will pamper the pet by bathing it, trimming its nails, and then giving it a haircut.

Pets don’t always love to be groomed so if their animal is less than comfortable around people this may not be the greatest idea for that pet. If the pet is social it is a fantastic idea. Both the pet and their owner will be ecstatic to have a nice clean animal running around the house.

Consider this idea the next time you go shopping for the pet owner in your family. They are sure to think it is a fantastic and thoughtful gift.

Mexican Silver

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Anything Stainless

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My School Project Ginger Bread Man

Sorry for the long hibernation people. I am back now in full force. Here, take a look at my snaps doing my school project, Ginger bread man made of mung beans and other materials.

I got compliments from my teacher, school director and mommy’s friends on Facebook on this one. They thought I was very creative… is it true people?

…busy little working hands putting down the mung beans…

…almost finished…

…….. chadaaaaaaaaaa… here’s the finished project!…

Begging For Cereal

So cruel of mommy for not giving me cereal and milk, she has to make me kneel down and beg for it before she gives it to me…anyway, here’s shots of me begging for cereal and milk, she thinks I looked cute in these photos!

Vegetable Eater Me!

I make mommy and daddy happy by eating right and healthy. I love eating vegetables and fruits. See the proof!

….. eating carrots first and second photos dipped in ranch…

… and olives too… they are my most favorite… this is actually my second round of vegetables that evening…

… and fruits, they’re exceptional!


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